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An exhibition "Azerbaijan – Norway: dialogue of impressions" of participants of the International project "Museums of Azerbaijan and Norway: joint cooperation"


Exhibition by the participants of the International Project «Museums of Azerbaijan and Norway: mutual cooperation» (February- November 2008)

Museum Center (Azerbaijan) Museum of Archaeology, Stavanger (Norway)


Completion of the Azerbaijan-Norway International Project was held in the Museum Center of Azerbaijan and as a result of it there will be an exhibition «Azerbaijan- Norway: dialogue of impressions» opened on November 3, 2008, at 18:00.

An international educational project was dedicated to the exchange of experiences and knowledge between the museum professionals of the two countries and increase of their qualification. It was done in three stages : seminar in Baku, seminar in Stavanger and in Oslo and a final meeting in Baku.

The project was developed by a museum sector of cultural policy department of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Azerbaijan and counted on collaboration between museums of Azerbaijan and Norway.

Main sponsorship to the project was provided by «StatoilHydro», Ministry of International affairs of Norway, Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan, Ministry of Culture and Church matters of Norway, The Norwegian Archive, Library and Museum Authority.

The basic topics of the discussions were museum management, working with museum collections, ethic practice in museums, and also the roles and duties of museums before the audience. In practice it looked as an exchange of experience on work with the storages collections, preservation and restoration of museum pieces, organization and artistic registration of exhibitions and museum displays and work with visitors.

During the seminars in Baku, Oslo, Stavanger participants took an enormous amount of pictures. These photos, firstly having, as seemed to their authors, private character, appeared finally so professional and interesting, that the both parties came to the mutual conclusion: their project must be completed with a joint exhibition as a final result of the fruitful collaboration.

This vernisaj is the first exhibition conducted in the Museum Center about Norway. About historical connections of two our countries there had been said and written already quite a bit, and especially bright contribution to this conception of historical cognation generally known was work of Tur Kheyerdal. This scientist with the world-known name at the beginning of the 90th specified the likeness and similarity of both modern cultures of our countries and their roots, leaning, in particular, on surprising likeness of rock images on territory of Azerbaijan and Norway.

Therefore, an opening day in the Museum center attracted a very wide audience – not only museum workers but also all those, who are interested in Norway, with its rich culture and beautiful nature.

The organizers of exhibition saw among the visitors the workers of the Norwegian companies, embassies of foreign country, students, geographers and simply modern art picture hobbists.

The Azerbaijanian specialists – museum directors and curators, keepers, restorers will present photos of the known museums of Norway, which they had visited within the framework of project – Museum of Archaeology, Museum of Oil, Museum of children, Museum of Munk, Museum of ships of vikings and many other. The Norwegian participants too photos of Icheri Shekher, temple of «Ateshgakh» in Surakhanakh and regions of our country.

It was difficult to name this exhibition only a photovernisaj, because in a display there was a graphic picture of the series of landscapes sketching by the pencil of artist Nazim Mamedov and picturesque linens of the known restorer of painting Natik Safarov, proposing the row of the paintings with the views of Norway.