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An exhibition of visual arts “Harmony of Winter” from a cycle "Seasons"


Exhibition of Visual Arts: Paintings - Graphics – Photography – Sculpture

An exhibition of visual arts, “Winter Harmony”, was held in Baku from 23-30 December 2008. This was the last stage of the great “Seasons” cycle, held in the gallery of the Museum Centre in Baku, in 2006. Represented in the show were both famous artists and younger ones who were just setting out on their creative path. The “Seasons” project was represented in November 2006 by the display, “Colours of Autumn”, whose conception aroused intense interest among both specialists and visitors, advancing as it did, far beyond the standard range of a seasonal exhibition. In March of last year, the cycle was embodied by the exhibition “Spring. Woman. Love.” which proved the vivacity of the multi-faceted concept behind the project, while also delighting everyone involved at whatever level. Following this, it was only natural that the next stage of the same series, “Impression of Summer”, was very successfully exhibited in June of the same year.

The organisers of exhibitions in the Museum Centre have held an advantage from the outset – the huge area of the art gallery. This is the largest art salon in the capital. This is not to boast; such a large space requires tight control. It also requires careful selection of works for display, a necessarily broad range of ideas and a creative approach to the design of the interior is also important. This all, in its own way, was implemented in the ‘Seasons’ project, in which every display had its own unique vision. The works of art were shown within an environment of fruit and flowers, and careful thought was given to the surrounding ambience of colour and sound.

As with the other elements of the series, ‘Winter Harmony’ had its own conception within the framework of the cycle. This was explained to us by Liana Vezirova, Director of the Museum Centre of Azerbaijan; “At first sight, winter is a harsh time of year, which presents relatively fewer opportunities for its reflection in the mirror of elegant art. But winter is also a time of celebration of the New Year! And we, the organisers, hope that the winter display in our gallery restores to the visitor a belief in miracles, fairy tales and beauty.... But, as with love, there is never enough beauty and people spend their lives searching for these two senses. Our display reminds people of the joy of winter and the New Year holiday. In looking at the work of our artists we hope that visitors will restore the value of this holiday to their own souls.”

‘Winter Harmony’ was the closing exhibition of the ‘Seasons’ project, and the main value was in helping artists to achieve self-realisation and also to bring forward new names in local painting, graphics, sculpture, decorative arts, photography and other visual arts. It must also be said that ‘Seasons’ proved itself and achieved all its aims.

58 artists participated in the ‘Winter Harmony’ exhibition.

1.Afet Akhundzade
2.Arif Huseynov
3.Anar Huseynzade
4.Afyat Bagirova
5.Vugar Muradov
6.Vugar Ali
7.Veronica Shamsiyeva
8.Etibar Mamiyev
9.Elchin Bunyatov
10. Elshan Sarkhanoglu
11. Elshan Hajizade
12. Emin Askerov
13. Elmir Huseynov
14. Ali Hasanov
15. Asmer Narimanbeyova
16. Amrulla Israfilov
17. Abbas Ahmedov
18. Irina Eldarova
19. Inna Kostina
20. Inna Shibayeva
21. Mehriban Efendi
22. Mammad Hasanov
23. Mahmud Rustamov
24. Nazim Mammadov
25. Namig Mammadov
26. Niyaz Najafov
27. Naira Rustamova
28. Nikolai Zaitsev
29.Rashid Ismayil
30.Siruz Mirza-zadeh
31.Tatiana Agababayeva
32.Feyzi Mammadov
33.Farhad Yalguzag
34.Farid Mirzayev
35.Hikmet Ismayilov
36. Eldar Gurban
37. Rena Amrahova
38. Nazim Beykishiyev
39. Tamilla Gurbanova
40. Irina Gundorina
41. Gunduz Agayev
42. Parviz Huseynov
43. Khanlar Mammadov
44. Elchin Muradov
45. Inga Zemtsova
46. Parviz Jafarov
47. Nazim Shah
48. Rashad Babayev
49. Ramina Saadatkhan
50. Subhan Mammadov
51. Naila Jafar
52. Tofig Gazanfer
53. Anna Maharramzade
54. Natavan Mirzayeva
55. Raida Mustafa-Soltan
56. Anna Ibrahimbeyova
57. Olga Tsaryova
58. Larisa Povetkina

An exhibition of visual arts “Harmony of Winter”