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Exhibition “White and black”

05.12.2009 - 10.12.2009

Art Gallery
Opening Ceremony: 4 December, 18:00
Organizer: Museum Center

On 4 December 2009, an exhibition of modern art works, ‘Black and White', opened in the Art Gallery. This was a major new project of the Museum Centre of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Over the last three years, a number of significant projects have been undertaken in the field of modern art, such as: "Rainbow of Love", "Colours of Autumn", "Spring, Woman, Love", "Summer Impressions" and "Winter Harmony". And now there is a new project, in which 93 artists participated and 210 works: paintings, graphics, sculptures, photographs and decorative fine art, were displayed. The initiator of the project and curator of the exhibition, Director of the Museum Centre, Liana Vezirova, explained the conception of the exhibition ‘Black and White' as follows: - "It is a significant project for this period. It is impossible by nature to find a colour combination with greater contrast than black and white. But this contrast carries equal spectral and ideological meaning. We are not just talking about colour, but about the conflict of opposites, such as good and evil, negative and positive, man and woman. All these motifs are covered in the works which viewers will have a chance to see at our exhibition." A restricted palette, in which there are two colours: white and black, but inspired by the talent of the artists - how many strong emotions it is able to express! The rhythms of life balance both beginnings: black and white. In the combination of these two colours there is something which it is impossible to explain logically, it affects at the level of the subconscious. Artists encourage viewers to think about the everyday puzzles of life and switch on their imagination and fantasy. Involved in the project were stalwarts of Azerbaijani art such as Nazim Beykishiyev, Mir-Nadir Zeynalov, Sirus Mirzazade, Arif Huseynov, Elyar Alimirzaev, Eldar Gurbanov, Amirulla Israfilov, Rashid Ismayilov, Beyim Hajizade, Melik Agamalov, Asmar Narimanbekova, Irina Eldarova, Shamo Abbasov and Tatyana Agababayeva. The idea of the exhibition was also to develop popular young artists such as Vugar Muradov, Niyaz Najafov, Naira Rustamova, Emin Askerov, Nazim Shah, Elshan Sarkhanoglu, Anar Huseynzade, Namig Mammadov, Ilaha Zeynalova, Vugar Ali and others. This gives a good opportunity to see where our modern art is heading. Do artists take ideas from life, or use it as a concrete way of expressing their own thoughts? It is very interesting to note that 40 women, displaying more than 100 works, participated in the ‘Black and White' project. Perhaps this is why we saw in so many works romantic dreams and elegance. The ‘Black and White' exhibition displayed the most varied styles, genres and kinds of fine art, including collage (Ilaha Zeynalova), installation (Gunduz Agayev, Farhad Agverdiyev), photography (Anna Ibrahimbekova, Maria Shutikova, Albina Belyakova, Ilgar Talibov), dolls (Tamilla Gurbanova, Parviz Huseynov, Irina Gundorina, Olga Akbarova) and video art (Vugar Ali). The inspiration of Azerbaijani artists, alongside their own experience and memories, are clearly born out of observations of current developments in world art and information technology. The concept of the range of black and white in graphic is not a new one; it has been around for a long time. But our artists have demonstrated a modern art almost devoid of abstraction, full of symbolic and emotional associations. In this respect, we should recall that art is a philosophy of life, not simply a skilful sequence of colours and forms. The ‘Black and White' project was not restricted to an exhibition of modern art, but there was also a parade of fashionable clothes in combinations of black and white, made by the talented young designer Nadiya Taziyeffa. The clothes collection melded harmoniously into the general concept of the exhibition, at the same time remaining an independent aspect of modern culture.

The exhibition co-ordinator, director of exhibitions at the Art Gallery, Samira Rzayeva Informational support - Trend,
Technical support - "Music Gallery"
Poster and Invitation Design - "Digital Century"
Help in design of the exhibition - "Gallery"
Buffet - "Aroma Café", "Super Service"
Help with artistic design of the exhibition - General Director of "Warmag", Michael Noziadek

The list of artists in the "Black and White" exhibition of modern art:
I Painting
1. Asmar Narimanbekova
2. MirNadir Zeynalov
3. Elyar Alimirzaev
4. Melik Agamalov
5. Nazim Beykishiyev
6. Eldar Gurban
7. Shamo Abbasov
8. Sirus Mirzazade
9. Amirulla Israfilov
10.Namig Mammadov
11. Sanan Samedov
12. Elshan Sarkhanoglu
13. Farhad Yalguzag
14. Niyaz Najafov
15. Emin Askerov
16. Naira Rustamova
17. Eldar Babazade
18. Malik Ismailzade
19. Anar Huseynzade
20. Adil Yusifov
21. Afet Akhundzade
22. Ramina Saadatkhan
23. Vugar Ali
24. Abbas Ahmedov
25. Samira Javadova
26. Fuad Kafarov
27. Elchin Bunyatov
28. Nazim Shah
29. Naila Jafar
30. Mehriban Efendiyeva
31. Rena Mamedova
32. Gunduz Hunlar
33. Hikmet Ismailova
34. Ilaha Zeynalova
35. Vagif Nazirov
36. Kamala Sadigova
37. Ursula Windhauser Schwarz
38. Fidan Zamanova
39. Saida Askerova
40. Masuma Hajiyeva
41. Ilham Mirzaev
42. Etibar Memiev
43. Natavan Askerova
44. Leyla Heybatova
45. Ashraf Yusifi
46. Nigar Dadashova
47. Gunay Shamsieva
48. Sabina Mammadova
49. Jamala Rahmanli
50. Tahira Allahverdiyeva
51. Intigam Agaev
52. Sergey Agrikov
53. Elnur Hasanov
54. Rashad Babayev
55. Djahangir Ahmedov
56. Taleh Mirkazimov
57. Davud Kengerli
58. Zarnishan Algaeva
59. Inna Kostina
60. Rahim Hashimov
61. Firdausi Hajiyev

II Graphic
62. Beyim Hajizade
63. Arif Huseynov
64. Irina Eldarova
65. Vugar Muradov
66. Vugar Mammadov
67. Irina Elagina
68. Hijran Aliev
69. Yusif Mirza
70. Dinara Mursalbekova
71. Fidan Mollazade
72. Aydin Askerov
73. Maryam Velikhanova
74. Leyla Nasibova

III Sculpture
75. Mammad Rashidov
76. Novruz Mammadov
77. Afgan Mustafayev
78. Islam Hasanalizade
79. Vugar Guliyev
80. Zakir Huseynov

IV Photo
81. Mariya Shutikova
82. Albina Belyakova
83. Anna Ibrahimbekova
84. Ilgar Talibov

V Batic
85. Tatyana Agababayeva

VI Dolls
86. Tamilla Kurbanova
87. Parviz Huseynov
88. Irina Gundorina
89. Olga Akperova

VII Installation
90. Gunduz Agaev
91. Farhad Hagverdiyev

VIII Decorative-applied art
92. Inna Bashirova
93. Natavan Mirzoyeva

Exhibition “White and black”