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«Pisces» - an exhibition of modern fine art

23.02.2013 - 01.03.2013
Exhibition of Contemporary Art Pisces

Art Gallery
Grand opening: February 22, 2013, 6 PM
Organizer: The Museum Center of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Azerbaijan Republic

The Museum Centre Art Gallery under the Ministry of Culture and Tourism will launch its new project “Pisces” on 22 February 2013.
Fish have featured significantly in human culture from the earliest of times. There is no nation or civilisation without some element of fish symbolism in its history. The theme has inspired the works of artists of all eras. These include sculpture, paintings and jewellery, as well as myths, tales and legends.
In this project the Art Gallery will present viewers with a contemporary interpretation of this fascinating theme, reworked through connections of time and executed from different approaches: horoscope, mythology, epic, legend and many others.
The project itself will provide viewers an opportunity, via the visual arts, to observe all shades of the human soul since the very symbolism of the fish incorporate many and various, sometimes diametrically opposed meanings.
Through the artists’ creative perception, the modern viewer will be given the chance to grasp the so-called Age of Pisces, the period of the development of true spirituality as an entire system of individual, self-conscious spiritual being.
Paintings, graphics, sculpture, dolls, batik and photographs will be displayed in the exhibition.The vernissage will be accompanied by video installations and films specially prepared for this project. The documentary films presented in the exhibition will inform about the mysterious world of the oceans and their inhabitants, the meaning of the ancient sign of Pisces and many other subjects about which history remains silent...
The exhibition will feature works by well-known artists such as Rashid Ismayilov, Beyim Hajizade, Mirnadir Zeynalov, Odtekin Aghababayev, Mammadkarim Guliyev, Siruz Mirzazade, Natiq Farajullazade, Eldar Babazade, Nazim Yunusov, Gulara Majidova, Tatian Aghababayeva, Miraslan Zeyn, Irina Eldarova and others. Young artists such as Vugar Ali, Emin Askerov, Farhad Yalguzaq, Nazim Shah, Naira Rustamova, Samir Gaziyev, Anar Huseynzade, Eldar Ibadullayev, Nidar Babayeva, Mammad Rashidov, Aidan Askerov, Taleh Mirkazimov, Leyla Altunai, Rahim Hashimov etc and new faces such as Jeyhun Dosiyev, Vugar Guliyev, Dilafruz Baghirova, Hasan Hasanov and others.
The main focus of the exhibition will be on dolls by the famous doll makers Parviz Huseynov and Irina Gundorina who will introduce to viewers’ assessment for the first time, in addition to their dolls, four panels specially prepared for this project. Three of them are part of the series the perfunctory metaphysics of fish. They are: AMARETTO DI SARONNO, GENIE BOMBAY SAPPHIRE and BECHEROVKA.
The exhibition will also include the work “Three Angels of Love” presented as a panel. Here are painted three angels – the Angel of Young Love, The Angel of Mature Love and the Angel of Spiritual Love. The last is in the centre of the panel and is not as bright as the others. Fish swimming from left to right below the angels are synchronous with the waning Moon. The figure three, symbolise the eternal conflict between the three angels who also stand for past present and future. The five fish symbolise risk, whose final resolution may be achieved through travel and experience.
Also on display will be a doll which is the product of half a year’s work, made in the traditional art style – the objective grotesque of semiotics – of these doll makers, “Undersea Walking”. In this way there is a character supplied with special equipment walking on the ocean bed with fish as one would normally walk in a park with a dog. The work is intended for an individual response and does not carry a general explanation.
The “Gunay” children’s theatre will also participate in the opening. This time the participants will surprise their audience with characters from their underwater kingdom and will perform an extract from Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale, “The Little Mermaid”.
The exhibition organisers will congratulate all those born under the sign Pisces and will especially note artists like Eldar Khaligov, Huseyn Haqverdiyev, Isa Mammadov, Niyaz Najafov, Farhad Yalguzaq, Vugar Ali, Elchin Bunyatov, Nazim Mammadov, Elmira Huseynova, Gunel Ravilova, Farid Abdullayev, Agdes Baghirzade and others...

Author of the idea and project curator - Museum Centre Director Liana Vezirova
Art Design – Vugar Ali
Coordinators – Parviz Huseynov, Mujgan Khaligova
Musical accompaniment – works by Chopin, Jean Michel Jarre