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DOT ART Project

«The world is full of small details that give us all the necessary information.
Bernard Werber “The Empire of the Angels”

Mart 01 - April 01, 2017
Grand opening: Mart 01, 7:00 PM, Collezione Italia
On Mart 01 entrance by invitation only.

Design is a visualization of multiple parameters, which the author tries to blend with space, operating not only by big objects. Very often a single bar or a small detail that may not be evident, can give the completeness for "space". These "points" are often works of art that have become equal partners in solving design problems of creation of individuality.
The Gallery of the Museum Centre of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan and SALON Azerbaijan magazine launch a unique DOT-ART project, in which the symbiosis of several areas of art will be presented: design and architecture, works of painters, sculptors, photographers and masters of authorship dolls. The start of the project, which includes 4 exhibitions during the year, is scheduled from 1st of March 2017.
The DOT-ART project is intended the consumers of design services, specialists of interior design market and customers to form the understanding of design as the intelligent integration process of function and artistic image. Exhibitions of young Azerbaijani artists and architects, design exhibitions, lectures and master classes, presentations and workshops with the participation of foreign guests are scheduled within the project. The project's objective is to introduce the art in a real life environment, present works of art as the element of the interior and contribute to sell them.
DOT-ART project is an example of creating a harmonious environment in which all the components has equal rights and are in partnership relations. After all, just details create authenticity and perfection.
The first exhibition will be dedicated to POP-ART trend. This phenomenon is one of the foundations of modern aesthetics, but the attitude to its provocation could not be called simple. The works of POP-ART could cause diametrically opposite reactions in the world of art and the broadest discussions among professionals and art critics. "Pops" and "taste of pop" are that derogatory labels which still sticking on it. However, this in no way challenged – POP-ART is not elitist! The POP-ART uses images of consumer products as main object and image. POP-ART draws its seemingly simple content from popular culture and modern life with its crazy rhythm and consumer values. In fact, this art trend substituted for traditional fine arts by various objects of mass culture or material world demonstration. POP-ART is a kind of "antidote", the opposition to high level hermetic, ecstatic art of pure existence... POP-ART in comparison with such a "cumbersome monster" is easy, like a breath of fresh air, clear as slang or advertising on billboards, ... Moreover, it consists of this.
Having replaced the abstract expressionism and focusing on the new imagery created by the media and advertising, today, POP-ART took its place in art "palette", confirming Richard Hamilton’s "It is Popular, Transient, Expendable, Witty, Sexy, Young". Today the art is politic and sexy than ever. Material world becomes slightly aggressive: woman's body and the car's hood are equally enticing... POP-ART, of course, did not invent a wheel here – even surrealists, who practiced an ongoing dialogue with the subconscious, opened and did exploit these "sexual objects", but in POP-ART they fit filled the entire universe.
Whether such an approach is relevant today? Yes, more than. Jean Baudrillard in his "Transparency Evil" writes about the blurring of the frameworks for key areas in human life and culture. And, despite the apparent lightness, POP-ART is, after all, a very clever art, that precisely and ironically diagnoses the state of public consciousness. This, combined with increased entertainment, constitutes the power...
Thus, the participation of young Azerbaijani artists, photographers and sculptors, looking for new ways to express their feelings of the modern world, completely fits in the first exhibition of the latest project in Azerbaijan, the organizers of which – the Gallery of the Museum Center and the SALON magazine are themselves made a unique duo that can cause bright positive emotions atmosphere and harmony of space.