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1 International Baku Biennale of Dolls

05.11.2011 - 11.11.2011

Art Gallery
Ceremonial opening: 4 November 18:00 PM
Organizer: Department of fine art of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism

The first Baku International Doll Biennale will be held from 4th –10th November 2011 in the Art Gallery of the Museum Centre, organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Azerbaijan Republic. The official opening of the exhibition is at 18.00 on 4th November 2011.
The official opening is by invitation only, but entrance is free on other days.
Over the last 25 years, the crafted doll has made stronger and stronger claims to join the other visual arts in the world’s cultural heritage as a fully-fledged work of art. Transcending the bounds of cult, entertainment and theatre, it has begun to be accepted as an artistic form.
The main objective in organizing the I Baku International Dolls Biennale – Fusion Doll – is to attract the attention of prestigious organizations and generate fruitful, long-term co-operation with our country which is already known for its significant achievements and certain traditions in the art of ethnographic and folk dolls. The Baku Dolls Biennale can introduce the Azerbaijani audience to the best creators of a very wide spectrum of artistic dolls. By organizing future exhibitions of both contemporary masters and of replica and antique dolls in Azerbaijan, we will gain a retrospective on the achievements of the world’s doll making culture, understand the origins of the European doll and sense its figurative features. Leading specialists will be invited to deliver master classes; this will also enable Azerbaijan’s young doll artists to build on their professionalism and exhibit properly their creations in the best exhibition venues.
19 craftsmen from 9 countries will take part in this Biennale – from Azerbaijan, Belarus, the Czech Republic, Italy, France, Latvia (the Riga Museum of Dolls), the Netherlands, Russia (the Vakhtanov Gallery) and Ukraine.

These countries will be represented by the following artists:

Elmira Abbasly – Founder of the professional art of doll-making in Azerbaijan. One of the founders of the first private Doll and National Costumes Museum, in the Cheshme Culture Centre, in Baku. Her works are displayed in private collections in Russia, the USA, England, Scotland, Japan, China, Malta, Germany and France and other countries; there they ‘live and work’.

Parviz Huseynov and Irina Gundorina – Founders of the conceptual art doll in Azerbaijan. They have been laureates and won diplomas at many international competitions, including ‘Doll of the Year 2010’.In collaboration with the Vakhtanov Doll Gallery, they created the international exhibition project ‘Baku Wind’. Their works are held in private collections in Azerbaijan, Russia, France, the Czech Republic, England and the USA.
Tamilla Gurbanova – Professional sculptress, representative of the academic school. She creates a synthesis of doll and small-scale sculpture and also works in sculpted textiles. She is the creator of doll portraits of celebrated people of the country and a participant in international exhibitions. Her works are held in international museums and private collections.
Also taking part for the first time are the following students of the DA ART studio: Farah Aliyeva, Nubar Shahbazova, Fidan Salahova and Alina Yusupova.

Galina Dmitruk – Creator of interior design dolls. A participant in more than 15 domestic and international exhibitions held in Belarus, Russia and Germany.

Czech Republic:
Elena Ilina – Member of SRAJD (International Association of Jewellery Designers), member of the council of the Dolls Union of the Czech Republic. She works with interior design dolls and is a participant in many international exhibitions.
Bohdana Klatilova – Director of the International Doll Exhibition in Prague, founder of the Doll Club in the Czech Republic. She works in the classical European style.

Kateryna Veshtak – MA in Doll Art, a winner of many international prizes. Her works made in bronze are held in international private collections.

Nadine Leepinlauski – Master of Doll Art. She works in the classical style. A laureate of many international exhibitions and winner of the gold medal at the Attraction and Grace exhibition in Moscow.

Inara Liepa – Director of the doll museum in Riga, she is a creator of interior design dolls and a participant in many international exhibitions.

The Netherlands:
Yvonne Flipse – She works in unusual styles, different from the Dutch school. She is an internationally-known creator and laureate of international prizes.

Russian Federation:
Irina Myzina – Director of the Vakhtanov Doll Gallery. Member of the board of the Word Dolls Foundation. Awarded the Pushkin Gold Medal for her services to charity and enlightenment.
Olga Lakhina – Executive Director of the World Dolls Foundation. She is the founder and organizer of the international doll exhibition ‘DOLL TIME in St Petersburg’, a teddy bear exhibition and the international exhibition ‘TeddyFun’; she is chief editor of the magazine ‘Kukolni Master’ (Doll Master).
Irina Goryunova – Member of the Doll Art creative union, laureate of international prizes.

St Petersburg Doll School
Olga Gerr – Master of Doll Art, participant in international exhibitions. She is the designer of the Slav Festival in Nancy (France).
Natalya Beltyukova – Laureate of international exhibitions. She is a senior lecturer in the Costume Design Department of the State University of Economics and Services. She is the author of a book on papier-mâché technology.
Viktor Grigoriev – He works in the mechanical-art style. He was a gold medal winner at the Lloret Del Mar Festival in Spain.

Yuri Shumansky – Director of the international salon ‘Modnaya Kukla’ (Fashionable Doll) and chief editor of the ‘Modnaya Kukla’ magazine.
Viktoriia Kukalo – She works in the Steampunk style. She works across an extensive creative range. She is a participant in international exhibitions and laureate of prizes in Ukraine. Her works are held in different countries.
A conference, ‘The Doll’s Second Wind’, considering questions of the art of the doll, will be held within the framework of the exhibition in the Assembly Hall of the Museum Centre on 8th November 2011.
Organiser of the I Baku International Doll Biennale: the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Azerbaijan Republic.
Contact: Galib Gasimov, Director of the Fine and Decorative Arts Department of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Azerbaijan Republic.
Curators: Liana Vezirova, Director of the Museum Centre,
Parviz Huseynov, special correspondent of the magazine ‘Kukolni Master’ (Doll Master) and member of the Union of Artists of Azerbaijan.