The Administration and Resources offices are on the fourth floor of the Museum Center.
They include: Reception and the office of the Director of the Museum Center.

office of the Director of the Museum Center


Area: 92.5 m2.
The office has the following departments:

- The Department of Cultural Development and International Relations, which develops new cultural programmes and large-scale events. It includes the Museum Center Art Gallery - +99412 493 58 83;

- The Informational-educational center “Russian museum: virtual branch”, which has two sections: information-education and multimedia cinema. One of the main aims of the Virtual Branch is to introduce the values of Russian culture, to expand and deepen knowledge of the history of Russian art and the collections and work of the Russian Museum via access to electronic digital and printed materials - 99412 493 58 83;

- The Department of Art Education and Training Programmes, which organises educational programmes for schoolchildren and students - +99412 493 58 83;

- The Resources Department - +99412 498 83 48;

- The Secretariat - +99412 493 72 87;

- Accounting - +99412 498 83 48.

Director's office

Area: 70.5 m2.
Director: Honoured Cultural Worker of the Republic of Azerbaijan Liana Vezirova - +99412 493 97 19.

office of the Director of the Museum Center