The “Colours of Autumn” Exhibition opened a cycle of exhibitions, united under the common theme of “Seasons”

22.11.2006 - 04.12.2006

The “Colours of Autumn” was an exhibition of visual arts by Azerbaijani artists. The following kinds of art were displayed: paintings, graphics, photography and sculpture.

•Time of the exhibition – from 22 November to 3 December 2006

The “Colours of Autumn” Exhibition opened a cycle of exhibitions, united under the common theme of “Seasons”.
As a rule, winter is the beginning of the year. But we began this cycle with autumn. I think it is quite clear why we chose autumn. From the history of world culture, we understand that autumn is the favourite time of year for most artists working in different fields of art. After the summer heat and relaxation of the holiday season, not a favourable time for hard work, autumn seems like a godsend as a time of active inspiration. It is already not too hot, but still not too cold – nature at this time is reminiscent of velvet, enriching the creative soul of the artist. Besides, no other season of the year can be compared to autumn for its richness of colour. Nature displays all the tinges of yellow, red and green – what can be more beautiful for people of art?! If we recall that autumn arouses a melancholic wisdom, then one can understand the excitement that talented people feel for this velvety nature. It is no coincidence that autumn is the most productive season for artists and poets. It is a time when their inspiration stretches its wings and nothing can stop the impetuous rush of the imagination… Azerbaijani artists, photographers and sculptors of different generations and different social status – from those who have already entered the annals of the history of Azerbaijani culture to novice artists who are taking their first steps in the great arts – presented their works at the exhibition. But this reflects the point of view of a social hierarchy. In fact, the Arts tolerate no hierarchy or division. Everybody is equal before fine Culture!

Organizers of the exhibition: The Administration of the Museum Centre of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Technical and video equipment support for the exhibition: The Music Gallery The following participated in and were represented at the exhibition: ALP Exclusive, S-decoro, Baku-In, Wedding, Studio of Light Effects.

73 artists participated in the Exhibition.