Personal anniversary exhibition of the Azerbaijan artist Eldar Kurbanov, devoted to the 60 anniversary


“Without love there is no happiness” – Honoured Artist of Azerbaijan, member of the Union of Artists of Azerbaijan, Eldar Gurbanov, whose paintings have been exhibited in Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Poland, Algeria, Syria, Mexico, France, Italy, Turkey, Germany and the USA.

Eldar Gurbanov graduated from the Painting Faculty of the Azim Azimzade Art College and also from the Graphic Arts Faculty of the V.I. Lenin Azerbaijan Pedagogical Institute. He took part in an art exhibition for the first time in 1973. He was awarded a gold medal and First Class Diploma at the 1989 Caspian Republics’ Biennale for his work, “Poet and Muse”. In 1994 he was a laureate of a competition in tribute to Soltan Mohammad, member of the Union of Artists of Azerbaijan.

He had successful solo exhibitions in Germany in 1997 in the Salon of Madam Raap, and also in Turkey. He is currently working as a theatre artist in the Musical Comedy Theatre. He executed the stage design for ‘Dede Gorgud’ in the Theatre for Young Audiences and worked with Elchin Mammadov on the play ‘Elektra’ in the Nakhchivan Theatre.

Eldar Gurbanov has also participated in numerous international exhibitions – “All the Songs of Azerbaijan” in Russia and an International symposium on painting, in the USA.

It should be noted that Eldar Gurbanov’s works are held in the Union of Artists of Azerbaijan, in the Union of Artists of Russia, the State Tretyakov Gallery, in Houston, in the ‘Ramko’ Art Centre, Istanbul and also in private collections in Azerbaijan and abroad.

His solo exhibition was held on 29th February 2008, in the Museum Centre of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. The exhibition was dedicated to his 60th birthday. “Approximately 80 works were displayed in the exhibition. They were mainly paintings – still lifes, landscapes, abstract works and large-scale canvases. The artist’s first major solo exhibition was held in April 1995 in the Sattar Bahlulzade exhibition hall. At that time, Eldar Gurbanov presented more than 125 works to viewers.