“Baku yesterday, today” – personal photo-exhibition of Farid Khayrulin

08.12.2007 - 10.12.2007

Farid Khayrulin – one of the masters of domestic photographic art. There is no any man which would not see one of his works. Portraits of the known personalities, magnificent landscape sketching, sharp topical publicism - many genres are subject him.

Graduating student of faculty of journalism of BGU now is the member of Union of journalists of Azerbaijan and Association of photographers of Azerbaijan. He is a laureate of bonuses of “Khumay” and “Gold Argus fish”, and also bonuses of the name of Zardabi, diplomat of many prestige photographic competitions. Being accredited in press-service of president of Azerbaijan Republic, a newspaper photographer Farid Khayrulin co-operates also with the known domestic and foreign editions and informative agencies. His works decorate the department of ecology of MFA of Great Britain, and also private galleries of Germany, Israel, Russia, USA and other countries. His personal exhibition was held in the gallery of Museum Center of Azerbaijan and he named it “Baku yesterday, today”. In most works of the personal exhibition he reflected beauty and variety of new buildings, choosing most original in sense of projects - a veritable with the pictures of old deadlocks and narrow streets there were other pictures on an exhibition – the same narrow streets, but already anew built-up heights, which, being given by a newspaper photographer in the certain foreshortening, look monstrous sky-scrapers. And it – also one of the Baku contrasts.

However, attention of photo painter awarded not only already the prepared dwellings complexes. Farid Khayrulin is able to rotin a spectator veritable aesthetics of building, culture of this production. Also, photo painter catches other moods sensitively. On one of pictures he rotined a contrast between ruins of old one-story house and new building, hanging over him. But at all of it photo painter Farid Khayrulin does not give the spectator of synonymous variants, does not obtrude opinion. “I simply show that interesting me, unindifferently, - he talks. – And to do conclusions depend on spectator”.