Opening of the personal exhibition of world-known Photographer Klaus Wikrath


Klaus Wikrath, natively German, is a photo-painter in the third generation. His grandfather was engaged in landscape surveys, a father preferred a portrait and industrial landscape. Klaus, giving the contribution of domestic tradition, works and in a landscape genre, however much a matter of all his life is grace in any shape or form.

Life of Klaus Wikrath passes between three favorite his places on earth – in New York, Paris and Costa Rica. However all began from an own studio in Dusseldorf in 1975 and orders from the magazines of «Peter» and «Shtern».

At the beginning of 80th he moved to Paris, where he began to get orders from «El», «Femm», service «French vog», «Mari Clare» and other famous magazines.

In 1982, in «Nikon gallery», his personal exhibition took place, and in 1985 he opened in the capital of France own studio «Kicks».

At the end of 80th he participated in «Man and perfumery» campaign. Engaging in a photographic art not interfere Klaus to try itself as an author of editions in which he united the works and ideas about them on thematic projects. His books («Choice of ten-day period», «Colorado clouds» and other) – the family reports on the stages of creative way

In 1993 Vikrat got the title of the best photographer-portrait-painter of Europe, and in 1997, apparently, deciding that Europe is already subdued, got over for an ocean and opened an own studio in New York. In this town in 1998 he presented one of the favorite projects – «Bahia Ballena», devoted to Costa Rica, his earthly paradise (in 1992 Vikrat took off there a farm in the tropical forest on the Pacific coast). These series of landscape entered in one of books of Wikrath, and also became the display of a few of the same name exhibitions. From 2004 the creative way of Klaus was closely related to advertising of products from Kart'e – clock, perfumery, and bijouterie. At the same time he did not forget and about «self-advertising», actively proposing the works on all Europe, and not only.

In 2003 Klaus at last arranged personal exhibition and in Dusseldorf – city in which his creative career began. And in 2005 photo-projects of Klaus, which not only the readers of the known magazines but also visitors of exhibitions admired in the whole world, reached and to the countries of former socialistic camp and past Soviet space. The first swallow was become by Georgia – in 2005

Klaus proposed in Batumi 45 works from series «Five directions». These conditional five directions followings: «jeweler», «flowers», «beauty», «children» and, certainly, «Costa Rica». In a 2006, 35 works from it fresh series were rotined and on an exhibition in Montenegro. In the same year Vikrat accepted the repeated suggestion from Georgia about an opening day – for this time in Tbilisi. There, in the National museum of art and history, to attention of the Georgian judges of photographic art the results of his newest project «The Diamond type» were proposed (more than 60 compositions).

And finally Baku people had a chance to see his art works in the Gallery of Museum Center