Performance of the “Gunay” Children’s Theatre of the play “Story of a Fisherman and a Fish”


Assembly hall
Time: 16.00
Organizer: Children's Theatre "Gunay" jointly with Museum Center

6 June was the 211th anniversary of the eminent classic writer of Russian literature, A.S. Pushkin. For this remarkable day, the Museum Centre organized a performance of the play “Story of a Fisherman and a Fish” by the “Gunay” Children’s Theatre.
The Museum Centre has held many different events for children in 2010, united under one title “Museum to the children”. These have included thematic lectures, exhibitions of children’s paintings, plays, holiday celebrations etc.
Among the planned events there is a new project by the Museum Centre “Theatre in the museum”. A series of plays by the “Gunay” Children’s Theatre will be held within the framework of this project.The project’s concept is the harmonic interaction of theatre and the visual arts. The background for the young actors is not traditional scenery, but works by Azerbaijani artists of different generations, specially chosen for the play. Thus, they reach an extraordinary synthesis of two kinds of art. The audience can follow the sincere immediacy of the playing of the young actors and enjoy the visual arts of our artists.
The following paintings were chosen and displayed for the play “Story of a Fisherman and a Fish”: “Divers” by Naira Rustamova, “Aquarium” by Eldar Gurbanov, “Girl with a Fish” by Vugar Ali, “Storm” by Emin Askerov and “Captive of the Black Sea” by Mamed Rashidov.
Larisa Tarusova has been the director of “Gunay” theatre since 2003. The repertoire of the theatre includes several spectacularly staged plays: “Love Story”, “Arshin Mal Alan”, “The Nutcracker”, “Persian motifs” etc. Some of them have already been staged at the Museum Centre, others will be presented to the audience in autumn and winter this year.
The play “Story of a Fisherman and Fish” was staged in 2009 and dedicated to the 210th anniversary of A.S. Pushkin. It was also awarded a diploma and memorial prize by the Centre for Russian Culture. Since then, the play has been performed successfully on different stages in the city.