The 65 anniversary of the honored worker of arts, the winner of the state award, known operator Valery Kerimov


Assembly hall
Time: 19:00
Organizer: State film fund

A 65th anniversary commemoration of Honoured Art Worker and outstanding film operator and director Valery Kerimov, was held in the Museum Centre on 30 June 2010, organised by the Minister of Culture and Tourism and the State Film Foundation. A photographic exhibition dedicated to the life and work of the maestro was mounted before the Assembly Hall. The event opened with a speech by Honoured Art Worker Jamil Guliyev: “Valery Kerimov, as a camera operator, was distinguished by his own style and made almost 30 films. The films he made focused on Azerbaijan’s rich nature, showing the beauty of the regions and the specific features of our nation.” He drew guests’ attention to the fact that Kerimov was, for several years, a light operator in the studio, then assistant cameraman and, at the end of the 1960s, he went to Moscow and entered the All-Union State Cinematography Institute in the Camera Operator Faculty. The young operator’s first work in the studio was on a feature television film, made in 1974. In the "Footsteps" of the "Waggoners" in the same year, the cameraman shot two novellas in the film series “Pages of Life”, “Baladadash’s First Love” and “Music Lesson”. Among the films he made there are screen works of different genres and themes, including “This Apple is Like That One”, “Dream”, “Say That You Love Me”, “Jewellery Box Found in the Tower”, Strike From Behind, Don’t Be Afraid, I Am With You, The Golden Cliff, Half-Sung Song, Family, I Loved You Very Much, A One-Family Dacha, Last Night of the Year, Sureyya etc. Valery Kerimov also tried his hand at directing and made the film Fellow Citizen. He was secretary of the Cinematographers’ Union of Azerbaijan and did much useful work there. Speaking at the ceremony, Rafiq Gamberov and Aydin Kazimzade recalled his wealth of creative experience, his great personal qualities and related their memories of him. A documentary film about Valery Kerimov made by the former cameraman’s son was shown at the event.