Performance of "Nutcracker" by the "Gunay" Children


Assembly hall
Organizer: Children's Theatre "Gunay" jointly with Museum Center

On 24 December 2010 at 15:00, a New Year's performance of ‘The Nutcracker’ by the ‘Gunay’ Children's Theatre took place in the Assembly Hall of the Museum Centre. The Museum Centre organized this performance on the eve of the New Year holiday. The ‘Gunay’ Children's Theatre was created at the Children's Aesthetic Studio of the Green Theatre Concert Complex in 2003. Since then, a ‘Grand Prix’ winner and diploma laureates, the only Russian-speaking children's theatre has occupied an important niche in the cultural life of Baku and the Republic. Larisa Tarusova has been its art director and director of theatre since 2003. The Museum Centre has held many different activities for children under the umbrella title ‘Museum to Children’, especially in 2010. These have included themed lectures, exhibitions of children's paintings, shows, holiday performances etc. The new project of the Museum Centre, ‘Theatre in the Museum’, is one of the activities planned. A cycle of performances by the ‘Gunay’ Children's Theatre is being held within the framework of this project. There are many interesting performances in the theatre’s repertoire: ‘Khojali’, ‘Persian Motifs’, ‘The Tale of the Fisherman and a Small Fish’, ‘A Love Story’, ‘Arshin Mal Alan’ and ‘The Nutcracker’. We would also like to note that the date of the performance, 24 December, coincides with the day that events begin in the New Year's fairy tale. The author of the tale was Ernest Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann, a German writer, composer and artist. The fairy tale ‘The Nutcracker and the Mouse King’ is one of the author’s best works and has been hailed a masterpiece of children's fantasy prose. This musical-literary-poetic story about the girl Marie, the Nutcracker and the Mouse King carry the message that sincerity and selflessness will be well rewarded, and that love and a kind and sympathetic heart can realize the most treasured dreams. The plot of the performance: Christmas Eve. A Girl walks in the snow covered city. Drosselmeyer appears unexpectedly with the Silver boy and the Silver fairy and miracles begin to happen: snowflakes come to life and carry the Girl away to the Christmas celebration at the house where the children Marie, Louisa and Fritz live. Drosselmeyer arrives and gives the children a gift - the Nutcracker. Marie immediately likes the Nutcracker, but the mischievous Fritz breaks it. The Girl observes what is happening in amazement. A fight between the hussars and the Nutcracker against the mice and the Mouse King begins at midnight. Marie helps the Nutcracker to win. It turns into a fine prince and offers Marie his love, his hand and his heart. The Silver Fairy and the Silver Boy invite the Girl to the ball for the Nutcracker and Marie.

1. The Nutcracker, the Prince and a Hussar – Ali Aliyev
2. Mari – Samira Muradaliyeva
3. Fritz and a Mouse – Nigin Mamedova
4. Luiza – Gyulyara Ismaylova
5. Drosselmeyer and the Mouse King – Alon Rakhamimov
6. The Girl, who has fallen into the tale – Laman Abbaszade
7. The guest – Yuliya Smanova
8. The Silver Fairy, Doll, the Chinese Woman and a Mouse – Leyla Yusubova
9. The Silver Boy and the Teddy Bear – Leyla Murshudova
10. The doll – Ayten Ismaylova
11. The doll, a Fox and a Mouse – Milana Nesterova
12. The Hussars – Zaur Babayev, Anastasiya Naydenkova, Bahruz Afandiyev

Script and staging: A. Tarusova
Choreographer: Q. Talibova
Artist-designer: Vugar Ali