2 part of International Festival of Contemporary Art “Aluminum” Art + New Technologies


This is the second time that the “Aluminium” festival has been held in Baku and this festival has a great role to play in the development of contemporary art in Azerbaijan.

In 2005 the “Aluminium” festival was represented by three exhibitions, a play and a conference on issues of modern art. The main exposition was in the Museum Centre, in which works of art by artists from Azerbaijan, France, Poland, Canada, the USA, the United Kingdom, Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Greece, Georgia, Bulgaria and New Zealand were displayed. Installations, video-art, photographs and performances were presented.

The second exhibition -“Mobile Art”, held in the Absheron Gallery, was the first public exhibition of photographs taken on mobile phones, in which anyone interested could participate. The aim of this project was to involve as many people as possible, especially youth, in interactive action and in the art process.

The third exhibition was held in the “Maiden Tower” Gallery and included works by the Land-Art group “Labyrinth”, created as a result of their “Oil Transformation” action. The action took place in oil fields, and oil and oil products were used as materials. In addition, video-art and photographs were presented. Within the framework of the Festival, “Viy”, a play by the Yug Theatre (art director and producer-Vaqif Ibrahimoglu), was also shown.

Changes in art, changes of style and trends, have become even faster and the speed with which art moves from one point to another increases with every year.

Transformation is the main discourse of today’s art and this is why exchanges of information and international art events play important roles in the development of modern art and give impetus to creative research.

Andrey Molodkin (France)
Anna Ventura (France)
Anton Osver (Azerbaijan)
Aynur Aliyeva (Azerbaijan)
Babi Badalov (Azerbaijan)
Beral Madra (Turkey)
Bahram Khalilov (Azerbaijan)
Bruce Allan (UK)
Jeykhun Ojadov (Azerbaijan)
Jamala Rakhmanli (Azerbaijan)
Chingiz Babayev (Azerbaijan)
Elnur Babayev (Azerbaijan)
Ali Davudov (Azerbaijan)
Ali Hasanov (Azerbaijan)
Ahad Mammedov (Azerbaijan)
Esmer Narimanbeyova (Azerbaijan)
Faxriyya Mammedova (Azerbaijan)
Francois Daireaux (France)
Gaelle Lucas (France)
Craig Rowlands (New Zealand)
Gisele Didi (France)
Hikmet Huseynov (Azerbaijan)
Ilya Bryuk (Israel)
Inna Kostina (Azerbaijan)
Jacques Crenn (France)
Katerina Barampouti (Greece)
Kenan Aliyev (Azerbaijan)
Lale Agayeva (Azerbaijan)
Leonid Bajanov (Russia)
Leyla Akhundzade (Azerbaijan)
Mahmud Mahmudzade (Azerbaijan)
Manti Albani (Greece)
Marat Gibadulin (Uzbekistan)
Mehdi Mammedov (Azerbaijan)
Mina Angela Ignatova (Bulgaria)
Mamishev Monroe (Russia)
Nigora Akhmedova (Uzbekistan)
Nicolas Roujier (France)
Natasha Warcholak (N.Ireland)
Orkhan Huseynov (Azerbaijan)
Olga Martinova (Azerbaijan)
Rauf Khalilov (Azerbaijan)
Pavel Gnusaryov (Azerbaijan)
Rashid Akhundzade (Russia)
Rashad Alekberov (Azerbaijan)
Rashad Babayev (Azerbaijan)
Rizvan Alesger (Azerbaijan)
Rena Amrakhova (Azerbaijan)
Said Atabeyov (Uzbekistan)
Sanan Alesgerov (Azerbaijan)
GUP-py (Japanese/Germany)
Huseyn Hagverdiyev (Azerbaijan)
Ilgar Tahiri (Azerbaijan)
Lado Burduli (Georgia)
Shalva Khakhanashvili (Georgia)
Suaree Sonthithai (France)
Tabman Richardson(Canada)
Tora Agabeyova (Azerbaijan)
Teymur Daimi (Azerbaijan)
Tahmina Akhmedova (Azerbaijan)
Tamilla Ibrahimova (Azerbaijan)
Umay Ibrahimova (Azerbaijan)
Ulan Zhaparov (Uzbekistan)
Vugar Guliyev (Azerbaijan)
Yeshim Agaoglu (Azerbaijan)
Zaur Kanterimov (Azerbaijan)
Zaur Huseynov (Azerbaijan)
Zuzanna Zhanin (Poland)