Personal anniversary exhibition of Mayis Aghabeyov

17.05.2011 - 23.05.2011

Art Gallery
Ceremonial opening: 17 may 17:00
Organizer: Department of fine arts of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism

A man who devoted his life and creativity totally to the development of the decorative and cinematic arts in Azerbaijan, a rare person who truly deserves the name of artist, is Mayis Aghabeyov, born on 1 March 1941 in Baku. He graduated from the Azerbaijan State Art School in 1961. After graduating from the art faculty of the Moscow All-Soviet State Cinematography Institute in 1969 he began working as a scenic artist in the Azerbaijanfilm studio. It is impossible not to mention Aghabeyov when discussing the history of cinema and the art of painting in Azerbaijan. Mayis Aghabeyov, who was recognized principally in the field of cinema and costume design and who established his own style in fine art painting and graphic art, was the scenic artist on more than 20 films, including “Nizami”, “Nasimi”, “Babek” and others, and he has an established place in the cinema history of Azerbaijan. His artistic work was recognised by the government and in 2000, by order of the great leader Heydar Aliyev, he was awarded the honorary title of People’s Artist. He has been in receipt of a presidential pension since 2004. It is impossible to mistake the work of Mayis Aghabeyov for that of any other painter; he put his own stamp on the decorative art of Azerbaijan. The distinctive features of his works are the specific solution of colour and composition and the unique quality of his chosen themes. An attentive viewer of his works begins to understand himself and to outline a philosophy for life, in a word to think and live with true art. In many ways Aghabevov is a representative of the Absheron school of art. Like those artists who hold a special place in the art of Azerbaijan and who launched themselves into independent creativity in the 1970s, he too in many ways went beyond the limits of social realism and demonstrated new thinking and a new approach. He returned most often to the themes “Motherhood”, “Mother and Child”, “The Embodiment of Woman’s Beauty”, “Family” and similar others. These themes of universal significance continually focused the artist’s thoughts and found their resolution in different forms and compositions. While observing his works the viewer is guided by the artist through the events depicted. Personal anniversary exhibition, organized on the 17th of May 2011 was one of the greatest desires of the People Artist. The organization of this exhibition provided an opportunity for Mayis Aghabeyov to display every aspect of his art and to give an account to his beloved audience. We should note that the exhibition of 129 paintings and 6 sculptures lasted until 23 May.