The first Great Silk Road International Youth Congress and Festival includes an exhibition of paintings by young artists


Art Gallery
Time: 19:00
Organizer: The Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Azerbaijan

The first Great Silk Road International Youth Congress and Festival took place in Baku on 26-30 June 2012.
The aims of the Congress and Festival are to develop tolerance and mutual understanding among youth and to form a network of opportunities in support of appropriate youth activities, contributing to the creation and development of dialogue between civilizations and cultures along the historical Silk Road. An international organization called the Great Silk Road was created as a result of the congress.
During the Congress and Festival, there was a concert and an exhibition of a variety of works by creative and talented young people from the Great Silk Road countries. The exhibition opened on 27 June 2012 at 19:00 in the Art Gallery of the Museum Centre. Participants included young photographers and artists.
The Silk Road has existed for 2,000 years since its inception in 121 B.C., and has bridged the various cultures and civilizations, contributing significantly to economic, cultural and political development and building diplomatic relations with foreign countries. It has assisted the broadening of regional and international economic and political relations in modern times and the building and development of trade and cooperation.
An international conference dedicated to the first summit of European and Asian heads of state on the reconstruction of the historical Great Silk Road took place in Baku on 8 September 1998 upon the initiative of national leader of the people of Azerbaijan, Heydar Aliyev.
Works concerning the reconstruction of the historical route strengthen the integration of the Republic of Azerbaijan into the global community. Further, they meet the demands of the modern world by advancing Azerbaijan’s role in building dialogue between civilizations and cultures.
We should note that in addition to international organizations, the plenipotentiary representatives of Turkey, Georgia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, India, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Ukraine, Hungary, Greece, Pakistan, Kuwait, Egypt, Portugal, Romania, Tunisia, Morocco, Bangladesh, Jordan, Malta, Singapore and others, all participated in the event.