II International Biennial of dolls «Fusion Dolls»

06.11.2013 - 11.11.2013

Art Gallery
Ceremonial opening: 5 November 17:00 PM
Organizer: Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan Republic


The Second Baku International Dolls Biennale ‘Fusion Doll’ will take place in the Art Gallery of the Museum Centre of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan from 5-10 November 2013. The exhibition will be formally opened on 5 November 2013 at 17:00. Entrance will be by invitation only on opening day.
‘Fusion’, in the title of the Biennale, has several meanings. It is a jazz term indicating the integration of eastern and western music forms played on both traditional and modern musical instruments. The word is also used in architecture to describe eclecticism. Thus, by merging the strong traditions of jazz and the architectural eclecticism of Baku, the term ‘Fusion’ covers perfectly a display of various forms of the art of the doll, including classical, interior, fashion, conceptual, doll as objet d’art, replica and many others by uniting them in a single visual ensemble to present a dolls spectacular.
Much serious work has been devoted in recent years to the development of the art of the doll in Azerbaijan. Our master crafts people have many times been delegates to international doll exhibitions; the ‘Baku Wind’ project was jointly devised with the Vakhtanov gallery, solo doll exhibitions and ‘Jazz Style Dolls’ were organized in the city of Baku’s Museum Centre.
Today it is difficult to imagine a themed project without a display of dolls. In 2011 the First International Doll Biennale took place in Baku and created an international stir. One result of the work done was the opening of the region’s first ‘Kukla’ (Doll) Art Gallery, which has become a favourite destination for residents and visitors to our city.
Holding the II International Doll Biennale in Baku will be the perfect development of perspectives on the art; an art that fosters the most benevolent and peaceful feelings, so important amidst the complexity of this 21st century.
Creators from 13 countries will participate in the Doll Biennale – from Azerbaijan, Russia, Ukraine, Italy, Latvia, Georgia, Belarus, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Kazakhstan and Israel.

Azerbaijan will be represented by:
– Art gallery «KUKLA» (the owner of the gallery Lala Kyazimova, the director of the gallery Liana Vezirova), Parviz Huseynov and Irina Gundorina, Elmira Abbasly, Tamilla Qurbanova.

– Irina Deineko – Saint-Petersburg, member of CUAR (Creative Union of Artists of Russia), teacher at the School of Author’s Dolls in Saint-Petersburg.
– Gulia Alekseyeva – Saint-Petersburg, winner of the ‘DollArt.ru’ competition (2011). ‘Diamond Apple’; awarded the silver and bronze medals for her contribution to national culture. (IFA)
– Svetlana Pchelnikova – Moscow, president of IUAD (International Union of Authors of Dolls), editor (the magazine The World of Dolls and a series of books about the art of the doll), organiser of the annual International Salon of Authors’ Dolls in Tishinka, Moscow.
– Denis Khlybov – Moscow, collector, director, editor of the magazine Talent, curator of the projects ‘KOTOLETO’ and ‘Magical Japan’ in the Doll Space gallery.

– Oxana Voropay – Kiev, president of the Ukrainian Handicraft Masters Association.
– Valentina Yakovleva – Kharkov, nominee of the ‘Del-Arte’ International competition in the Sculpture category, winner of the ‘Sculptural Doll’ category in the ‘Fashion Doll’ exhibition (Kiev).

– Laura Scattolini – Mantua, laureate of the ‘Dolls Award’ prize from Dolls Magazine; recipient of ‘Collector’s Choice Award’ from Walt Disney.
– Elisa Gallea – Palermo, prize-winner in the category ‘Doll Perfection’ (USA 2007), Prize-winner in the category ‘COLLIII’ (Germany 2010).
– Katerina Veshtak – Novara city, Awards 2006 National Triennial of Graphic Art, Third Prize – Kiev (Ukraine, 2004), all-Ukrainian exhibition ‘SHRIFT’ (Silver diploma), Central House of Artists (Kiev, Ukraine), 2003 ‘Zaretski’ Competition, third prize (Kiev, Ukraine).

– Elena Mikhailova – Preiļi city, member of the Baltic Guild of Doll Artists, awards in the categories ‘Tale of Our Childhood’ and ‘Anti-Stress Doll’ (2009).

– Nana Okruashvili – Tbilisi, Director of the Tinatin Tumanishvili Doll Museum, Tbilisi.

– Galina Dmitruk – Minsk, solo exhibitions: ‘Panna Doll/I’, Maxim Bogdanovich Literature Museum (2009 Minsk), ‘Lux Interior’ (Museum of Modern Visual Arts, Minsk, ‘At Maystr’s‘ gallery’).

– Christine Polis – artist-animator. Creator of dolls for short films for Belgian Television programmes.

Czech Republic:
– Elena Ilyina – Prague, member of SRAJD (International Association of Jewellery Designers), Art-Director of the First International Doll Exhibition ‘Doll Prague’.

– Tarvi Pink – Tallinn. Director of Estonian Doll House.

– Siu Ling Cornelia Wang – Was a theatre set designer; is the creator of costumes for German cinema and television. Has worked with dolls since the age of 27.

– Natalya Lepikhina – Almaty. Winner of the ‘Doll of the Year 2011’ competition at the ‘Doll Time’ exhibition in Saint-Petersburg in the categories ‘Doll-boy’ and ‘Personification’, ‘Doll of the Year 2012’ competition in the category ‘Stop-Standard’.

– Elena Kunina – Holon. Double prize-winner of the ‘EBERHARD FABER’ gold cup for the best European doll in polymer clay and ‘Best Themed Collection’ (First International Dolls’ Salon in Moscow).

Farah Aliyeva and Nubar Shahbazova, students of the ‘DA ART’ studio–will participate in the Biennale representing Azerbaijan.

Organisers of the II Baku International Dolls Biennale:The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Museum Centre, ‘Kukla’ Art Gallery.