Art - Performance by the French choreographic art group les gens d’ Uterpan


Time: 19:00
Round Hall
Organizer: Contemporary Art Space YARAT

In partnership with the Yarat Contemporary Art Space, the choreographers Annie Vigier and Franck Apertet (les gens d’Uterpan) present a composite articulation of their work. The assembly, made up of the activation of X-Event 2.6 According to the protocol Le gout at the Yay Gallery on March 23th 2014, of the activation of X-Event 2.3 According to the protocol Les Chutes at the Museum Center on March, 24th 2014, of a conference at the International Mugham Center of Azerbaijan on March 25th 2014 and of an exhibition of archive images at the Yay Gallery from March, 23th 2014, functions like a geneological organism. The performative dimension of the choreographers work integrates as well the presence and circulation of the public inside the assembly.
This is the first time that the work of Annie Vigier and Franck Apertet (les gens d’Uterpan) is presented in Azerbaijan.
Annie Vigier (1965) and Franck Apertet (1966) live and work in Paris. They are known because of the position they occupy between fine arts and living arts fields. Their strategy displaces conventions and behaviours from everyday life towards artistic practice.
Their work has been presented (selection): Project Arts Centre, Dublin , Ireland; Tate Modern and Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, United Kingdom; Kunsthalle Basel, Switzerland; VI Cali Performance Festival, Colombia; Galeria Vermelho , Sao Paulo, Brazil ; Museum of Modern Art , Warsaw, Poland ; Kunsthaus Graz, Museum Joanneum , Austria ; Berlin Biennial of Contemporary Art, Germany ;Nam June Paik Art Center, Seoul, Corea ; White Box, New York, USA ; Space 18 – Bund 18, Shanghai , China, Museum for contemporary art, Zagreb, Croatia; CAC Vilnius, Lithuania; MAC Lyon, France ; Museion , Bolzano, Italy; Palais de Tokyo , Paris, France...

X- Event 2.3 According to the protocol Les chutesStatement: A group of dancers push each other, throwing one another out of the central perimeter defined by two crossing trajectories. After falling each dancer gets up and re-enters the perimeter in order to push an another dancer or be pushed and fall again. The action is maintained until the group’s energy is exhausted.
Creation: Departmental Domain of Chamarande , France, July 2007
Cast: Deborah Lary, Steve Paulet, Charles Pietri, Francesca Ziviani
Sound: Nicolas Martz

Cycle X-Event 2With X-Event 2, premiered simultaneously with X-Event 1 at the Bretigny Contemporary Art Center in 2005, Annie Vigier and Franck Apertet apply their strategy at a different level by formulating an external critique of the standardization of the performing arts.With its seven protocols* , X-Event 1is described by the choreographers as the matrix generating the seven performances brought together under the generic title of X-Event 2: Les courses, Les corps morts, Le goüt, La vague, Les Kama Sutra, Les chutes? And Les Salives. Constructed as autonomous inits and used as individual objects , these embodied forms can enter into a duality with other venues as part of a framework or an exhibition agenda, distinct from the ordered theater space. Determined by an expenditure of energy taken to its limits, what the performers do confronts the specific characteristics of the site and its intended use. The spectator’s body, too, is put to work and becomes an agent of movement. The time limit set for the performance is sometimes overrun by several hours or replaced by a calendar extending over several days, with the spectator totally free in terms of his perceptual rhythms and the movements involved.
In brief , what the choregraphers propose as an alternative to the strategy of deconstruction is that of reversibility , a tactic which, via the imposition of constraints and extreme limitations on contexts and performes, ineluctably gives rise to the reverse situation: the liberation of individualities and an acute awareness of place.
Extract of the catalog of the Biennale d’art contemporain de Lyon, 2007. Pierre Bal-Blanc, artistic director, CAC Bretigny

Definition of a protocol by Annier Vigier and Franck Apertet
The notion of a protocol is what establishes the uniqueness of our choreographic creation. We associated the term with our principle of composition and work for the creation of the piece Home Clubbing (October 2003)
A protocol identifies , formalizes, and organizes an ensemble of relations of behavior, movement,relational and spatial mechanisms, and temporal progressions that make up the execution of an action in a given physical and social context. In the framework of a decided, defined organization, the execution of a protocol means performing, it conditions the freedom of the performer within a group formation.
This program is possible thanks to the generous support of the Institut Français d’Azerbaidjan Acknowledge support of the European Cultural Foundation/STEP beyond on travel-related materials.
With the support from the Regional Cultural Affairs Office of lle-de- France – French Ministry of Culture and Communication – Grant for the choreographic company 2013-2014/lle-de-France Region agreement of artistic and cultural permanency lle-de-France Region and Departement de Paris – Support to employment.
Since January 2009, Annie Viger and Franck Apertet (les gens d’Uterpan) are in residence at the CAC Bretigny (France) and receive the support of the General Council of Essonne – Support for the residence and the CAC Bretigny, equipment of the Val d’Orge Community