“Kingdom” Exhibition by Lada Repina, an outstanding young doll artist from Saint-Petersburg

23.04.2014 - 29.04.2014

Time: 19:00
Assembly Hall
Organizers: Kukla Art Galllery, Museum Center

23 April 2014is the first anniversary of the opening of “Kukla”, the first doll art gallery in Baku. The organizers have decided to time an exhibition of new works by Lada Repina, the renowned young doll maker from Saint-Petersburg, to coincide with this great event. Ms. Repina’s dolls are already well-known to Baku enthusiasts; some are already part of the “Kukla” gallery’s collection.
This time Ms. Repina has prepared a unique collection of dolls under the heading “Kingdom” especially for Baku. The artist has referencedthis topic previously, in collections andalso in individual works. Thisnew collection, combined with and complemented by earlier works, is the fruit of hard work that significantly expands the scope of her “Kingdom” and takes it to a higher class of art and project.
Lada Repina’s works may be characterized as art-objects, however, in their presentation their creator does not seek to achieve narrow effect, rather she appeals to a visual aesthetic. As a rule her works are displayed as collections in order to strengthen the intendedtheme. Diverse, with different angles of perception, each object has its own uniquemeaningthat complements the character of the doll as real within its unreality. Colour has a special role in her work. Rather than presenting a collectionin a single palette of colour, she counterbalances the effect of unity by complementing it with theform and nature of the play’s characters. Her works are more like notes with which the audience creates music of their own hearing.
Lada Repina is a young, talented artist from Saint-Petersburgand a participant inmany significant exhibitions,including “Dolls as Literary and Theatrical Characters” (Museum of Music, Sheremetyev Palace), “Christmas Exhibition” (Rosbuzdizayn Gallery), “The Image of Death in Art” (the Michael Shemyakin Foundation), “Monsters. Mythological creatures” (Michael Shemyakin Foundation), “The Art of the Doll” (Moscow Manege), “Shoe Art” (Michael Shemyakin Foundation) and others.
After graduating from the N. R. Rerikh Saint-Petersburg Art College (1996-2001) as a graphic designer,Ms. Repina continued her education in the same field at the A. L. Schtiglitz Saint Petersburg Art and Industry Academy (formerly the V. I. Mukhin College) and completed her education there in 2009. Her works are inprivate collections in Russia, Azerbaijan, Spain, the USA and Israel.
Within the exhibition there are also three works by Svetlana Pchelnikova, founder of the “Dolls’ Space” (Moscow) private gallery, organiser of the International Doll Salon in Moscow and owner of the “The World of Dolls”magazine.
The exhibition will open on 23 April 2014 at 19:00 in the Events Hall of the Museum Centre of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan and will continue until 29 April 2014.