Irina Eldarova, Rena Amrahova, Art Gallery "KUKLA" exhibition and concert of the art masters of Azerbaijan in project “The Light of Beauty - 2015”

06.03.2015 - 13.03.2015

Grand opening: March 05, 6 PM
Art Gallery
Organizers: The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Azerbaijan Republic, The Museum Center, National Music Committee, Art Gallery "KUKLA"

On 5 March 2015 there was a presentation in the Museum Centre Gallery of a new stage of the project “The Light of Beauty” organised by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan, in cooperation with the Museum Centre, the National Music Committee and the Kukla Art Gallery.
The artistic project “The Light of Beauty”, dedicated to women’s roles in art and life – was an idea embodied by each of the participants in her own way. The presentation of each new annual stage of the project is traditionally timed to coincide with International Women’s Day on 8 March. The principal conception of “The Light of Beauty” is an organic combination of fine art with the arts of theatre and music.
This year, the basis of the project was formed by the works of two of our nation’s outstanding women artists, Irina Eldarova and Rena Amrahova. Both reveal the multi-faceted aspects of a woman’s personality. In this case, Rena Amrahova focused on the spiritual and emotional, while Irina Eldarova researched the depths of intellect and features of outlook.
In this project, Irina Eldarova’s works presented no so much the character of woman as the world through her eyes. This triumphant play of colour and line symbolises impressions of a tour, for example in ‘Flight’ (travel motifs; roads occur frequently in this artist’s work), those shades of feeling experienced when viewing the urban landscape (canvas ‘Baku’), the joyful mood at the coming of spring.
Rena Amrahova’s canvases, with their soft colouring are reminiscent of frescoes, and their depth of thought and rhythm of line – of sonnets. For example, ‘Nest’ and ‘Bearing Fruit’ – metaphors for woman’s role as guardian of the family hearth, while ‘Game’ is dedicated to woman’s life task – motherhood.
The project naturally complemented fine art with the art of the doll. The Museum Centre’s Gallery presented exhibits from the collection of the Kukla Art Gallery. These were female characters created by artists from different countries.
Azerbaijan was represented by doll artists such as the creative couple Parviz Huseynov and Irina Gundorina, Tamilla Gurbanova and Farah Aliyeva. Parviz Huseynov and Irina Gundorina’s ‘Contemplation’ introduced viewers to the character of a dreamy, romantic woman and her delicate soul. In her ‘The Taste of Pomegranate’, Tamilla Gurbanova continued her series with this fabulous fruit as motif. Farah Aliyeva’s two works ‘DNA’ and ‘Inspiration’ featured doll artistry intertwined with interior sculpture.
The works of Latvian artist Yelena Mikhailova were personifications that brightly expressed characters not without complexity: ‘Cappuccino’, ‘Light Angel’, ‘Dark Angel’, ‘Gold Mask’…The gentle images of children created by Irina Mesheryakova (Moscow): ‘Ira in Beige’ and ‘Mila in Pink’ were thoughtful and elegantly sad. The local viewer already loved the red-haired dolls of Italian artist Elisa Gallea: two more of her beauties – ‘Autumn Girl’ and ‘Katrina’ were on display in the Museum Centre’s Gallery. The heroine of Anastasia Yanovskaya’s ‘Beauty Spot’ was a languid lady in crinoline – an embodiment of the Rococo period. ‘Woman with a Secret’, by Kievan Viktoria Kukalo, was a character outside time and replete with romantic symbolism. Among the works by foreign artists there were also compositions which, on the contrary, were lively reminders of female characters of our own time – the outrageous blonde heroine of ‘Platina’ byGalina Dmitruk (Belarus) and the Gothic ‘Girl with Dog’ by Nel Groothedde (Netherlands).
A concert was held within that new stage of the project “The Light of Beauty” performed by a jazz group led by Elchin Shirinov, Vurghun Vekilov (piano), Jeyla Seyidova (violin) with vocalist Marziya Huseynova and actor Gurban Masimov. The concert programme included works by Gara Garayev, Frederic Chopin, Asaf Zeynalli, Vagif Mustafazade and other famous composers. Creative compliments to the fair sex on the occasion of the holiday were also contributed by the troupes of the Pantomime and Puppet Theatres.