Japanese doll master Mari Shimizu gifted her dolls to the “Kukla” Art Gallery (Baku, Azerbaijan)


Art Gallery

Marie Shimizu (Kumamoto, Japan), a participant in the III International Baku Dolls Biennale, donated her dolls, "Pearl," "Geisha", "Akane" to the "Kukla" Art Gallery. A graduate of Tama Art University, she was winner of the Grand Prix at the Tohoku-gennya Cinema Biennale and founder of the Kajuen (Orchard) studio for training dollmakers. She has made dolls for the MUCC group, as well as for the TV programmes Red String Woman and The Brothers Karamazov. She has produced Miracle Doll and Alice, photographic books about dolls, through ART BOX. She participated in Red Innocence and Blue Sensuality, an exhibition in the Garakutaya gallery. Marie Shimizu’s works are held in many galleries and private collections around the world. Her dolls will be exhibited in the "Kukla" Art Gallery.

On 10 November an episode of the educational AzTV programme Dərsdən Sonra (After the lesson) was made at the Museum Centre Art Gallery with People's Artist of Azerbaijan Arif Huseynov.