Exhibition of Dolls by Galina Dmitruk (Belarus, Minsk). «Fairy tales for the night»

13.05.2016 - 17.05.2016

Grand opening: May 13, 6:30 PM
Assembly hall (2nd floor)
Organizers: KUKLA Art Gallery and Museum Center of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan
On 13 May entrance by invitation only.
From 14 to 17 May, entrance by ticket. Tickets 3 AZN. Entrance free for children under 6.
Tickets available at the Museum Center or KUKLA Art Gallery.
Opening hours: 11:00 to 19:00
For information call: +99412 493 58 83, 493 72 87 (from 10:00 to 18:00).

“Nighttime Tales”,an exhibition of art dolls by Galina Dmitruk, organised by the KUKLA Art Gallery and the Museum Center, will be held at the Museum Center from 13-17 May.
Galina Dmitruk, a creator of art dolls who is celebratedwithin her homeland Belarus and abroad, has her own distinctive approach to making this world even more beautiful. Her works have been showcased at many international exhibitions in Russia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Germany, Belgium, Czech Republic and Spain. Dmitruk’s dolls are always eagerly anticipated in her homeland, Belarus, asshe exhibits them there quite rarely andthey are mostly seen only in pictures. Almost all have migrated - to every corner of the world, to private collections held by connoisseurs in Switzerland, Germany, the Czech Republic, the USA, Russia, Ukraine, Belgium, Spain, Azerbaijanand other countries.
Doll design is quite new to Belarus; it first began to develop there less than 10 years ago. Galina, despite her youth and her work as a journalist, was among those who pioneered this art form there. Her dolls are by no means simply part of the decor, they convey their own inner space, every one a whirl of contrasting emotions.
The artist has created over one hundred works, all amazingly beautiful and absolutely unique. One cannot fail to note the contrast between Galina’s works andthe more traditional golden-curled beauties, so empty-eyed and soulless. Each of her dolls has her own inimitable story and destiny. The kinked lines of hand and leg, evocative expression, the unusual poses captured – all are mesmerizing.
Galina, aregularparticipant in the Baku International Doll Biennale, has developed a special project, “Nighttime Tales”, for her first solo exhibition in our capital. She devoted almost a whole year to making the dolls special to this project. She believes that these dolls reflect all of Azerbaijan’sunique mystery through the beauty of women. For her it was love at first sight with Baku and she has encapsulated its amazing contrasts in her works. “Deniz”, “Amina”, “Maryam”, “Bella”, “Sara”, “Aylin”, “Sevil” –modern-dayScheherazades, lure the audience and bewitch them with their own “Nighttime Tales”, transporting them to a wonderland for adults with a delicate touch of childhood...

9 of the artist’s works will be displayed at the exhibition.