Dolls Exhibition by Georgian Artists «Under an Angel’s Wing»

15.12.2017 - 30.12.2017

Exhibition opens: 15 December, 18:30
Venue: Art Gallery, Museum Center (4th Floor)
Organisers: Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Azerbaijan Republic, Museum Center, KUKLA Art Gallery and the International Centre of Doll Art, Georgia

15 December, entry by invitation only.
16 -30 December, entry by ticket. Children 0-6 years, free entry.
Tickets for the exhibition available from Museum Center.
Exhibition hours: 11.00 - 19.00
Information: +99412 493 58 83, +99450 273 21 80 (10.00 - 18.00)
Information support: TREND information agency, LIDER TV company

«With what does the New Year begin? ..
With the expectation of a miracle ...
And this expectation settles in souls long before New Year's Eve ...
In this expectation all are the same: from infant to those who have witnessed life ... "

On 15 December we are celebrating in true New Year style at the Art Gallery in the Azerbaijan Ministry of Culture’s Museum Center. Everybody in Baku is invited to “Under an Angel’s Wing”, an exhibition of dolls by Georgian artists dedicated to the New Year holiday. 2017 marks 25 years since diplomatic relations were established between Azerbaijan and Georgia, two fraternal Caucasian states. The two countries have had deep rooted historical relations over centuries, with culture playing a central role. This continues with “Under an Angel’s Wing”, in which every exhibit articulates the maxim that art speaks from the heart. Artists are the true magicians, able with their works to transport each of us into a world in which people blossom and hearts open to miracles.
The gallery’s welcoming halls will take us back to our childhood, when the Christmas tree was the tallest and the gifts under it so enchanting.
You will find yourself in the midst of a fairy spectacle, thanks to the amazing art of the doll maker, a most ancient one - dolls have been with us throughout the history of humankind. Art dolls today are unique works of art, able to create a mood fitting their environment and inspire in people’s hearts a sense of being in the presence of true magic.
Indeed, enchantment is the main hero of “Under an Angel’s Wing”, which has brought together masters of doll art from both Azerbaijan and Georgia. The doll has long been the favourite toy of every Georgian child, which is why it is affectionately known as Dedopala (Queen).
Georgian participants exhibitors include some 32 outstanding names: art dolls - the Bouillon group, Denis Gonobolin, Elene Tsitlanadze, Marina Kenchuashvili, Nana Kaulashvili, Fiso Zaridze; marionettes – Bachana Khalvashi, Temo Javakhi, Irma Kaadze, Nana Okruashvili, Nino (Nutsa) Khidasheli; small sculptures – Alex Berdyshev, Aleksandr Asatiani, Amiran Kuprava, Gela Babunashvili, Kakhi Eradze, Keti Dzidziguri, Mariam Shvelidze; souvenir and toy dolls – the ARTMAN group, Valentina Iordanishvili, Irma Archvadzeh, Manana Abzianidze, Manana Mondodauri, Manana Kipiani, Nana Beytrishvili, Tata Bakradze, Tamar Burduli; souvenirs - Aleksandr Gotsi, Ira Lavrinenko, the LT Handmade group, Sofi Etsadashvili. The ethnographic doll artist Asmat Sagiridze will bring 34 of her creations and will give a seminar on “The particularities of Caucasian national costume and its application in doll art”. And this delegation, a ‘Galaxy of Stars’, is led by the director of the Georgia International Centre of Doll Art, Nana Okruashvili. The Baku audience already had a chance to get to know her as a doll maker when she participated in the “Fusion Doll” International Doll Biennale in 2013. She was then director of the Tinatin Tumanishvili Tbilisi Dolls Museum. Nana will personally showcase her own artworks this year.
The range of the exhibition is quite diverse, including art dolls from the collection of the KUKLA Art Gallery. We should especially highlight a unique work – the mechanical “Wheel of Fortune” doll. The author of this true work of art is the Georgian artist, sculptor and architect Tamara Kvesitadze, who had a solo exhibition in Baku in April 2015. It may be considered the linchpin for all the artworks showcased in the exhibition. Besides “Wheel of Fortune”, there will also be dolls by established Azerbaijani artists, who have earned the right to be called Art Doll Master. Among them are works by beginners. Azerbaijan will be represented by Parviz Huseynov and Irina Gundorina, Tamilla Gurbanova, Sanubar Samadova, Naila Sultan, Farah Aliyeva, Olga Abbasova, Zinaida Hasanova, Anara Salmanova, Nubar Shahbazova, as well as dolls by young students of Studio D’Art led by Dilara Atakishiyeva.
“Under an Angel’s Wing” will also include dolls by the Georgian artist Bachan Khalvashi created for the play “Leyli and Majnun” at Baku Marionette Theatre, headed by Tarlan Gorchu. The creator will present in person his magnificent marionettes - splendid examples of a synthesis of the Georgian school of art and Azerbaijani theatre tradition. This synthesis clearly represents a strong expression of intercultural relations through the subtleties of the doll art.
Participation by young actors from the Gunay Children’s Theatre, headed by Larisa Tarusova, will especially highlight the magic of the exhibition’s opening. They will represent dolls from our childhood that come to life and are associated with the wonderful New Year holiday.
The works presented in the exposition represent the different genres of doll art. Art dolls, small sculptures, marionettes and souvenir dolls, executed by various techniques, show the variety and range of character of this miraculous and inimitable world whose doors will be opened hospitably by little angels until the end of the year.

Managers of the project:
- Lala Kazimova: Organiser, the KUKLA Art Gallery in Azerbaijan
- Nana Okruashvili: Director of the International Centre of Doll Art in Georgia
Curator of the project:
- Liana Vezirova: Director of the Museum Center of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan and Director of the KUKLA Art Gallery