Solo Exhibition «Treasures of the heart» by the artist Firangiz Huseynova

06.02.2018 - 11.02.2018

Grand opening: February 6, 6:30 PM
Art Gallery
Organizers: The Division for fine and decorative arts of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Azerbaijan Republic, Museum Center

On February, 6 the opening ceremony of the exhibition of the painter Firangiz Huseynova, a member of the Artists' Union of Azerbaijan will take place at 18:30 at the gallery of the Museum Center.
About 100 paintings will be displayed on the opening-day. Mainly they consist of artistic canvases, but there are also pattern works on silk and graphics. It is the second personal exhibition of Firangiz Huseynova. The first one held in 2009. She also took part in several joint exhibitions abroad. The pictures of Firangiz Huseynova are being exposed in the private collections in Germany, Russia, USA, Israel, China, Spain.
Firangiz Huseynova being doctor by education and the student of the famous academician Chazov has been successfully working for 25 years in the field of cardiodiagnostics in the Republican Diagnostic Center and the Family Health Center. Firangiz khanum says, “Each human heart is individual, inimitable and unique”. Only this principle she took as a basis of her passion - painting that over time replacing the first profession becomes her main occupation. Her each painting is unique, having its own history.
Being niece once removed of the people’s artist Davud Kyazimov she has admired his works since childhood. Every summer young Firangiz communicated with neighbors such titans of the national art as Omar Eldarov and Tokay Mammadov in their country-house. The first sculptress of Azerbaijan, the legendary Zivyar Mammadova became the first teacher for her in the field of sculpture and fine arts.
But in the high school Firangiz Huseynova due to the passion for biology faced dilemma in choosing a profession and due to her father’s advice, Academician Aladdin Kuliev, she chose the field of medicine. However, the painting took its place over time in her life. In 2004 Firangiz Huseynova began to attend the adult group of the fine art studio of Tatiana Kesar where she made the great strides.
Firstly, it is worth noting the leading role of all red shades in the paintings of Firangiz Huseynova. She agrees that she attempts to present the human heart’s movements and best of all it displays in the red gamma. For example, she has a lot of still lifes in which a garnet is definitely “soloist”. Still lifes generally take pride place in her creative work.
There are also many images of women and girls in the paintings of Firangiz Huseynova. These pictures are “Dream”, “Horsewoman of the desert”, “Night”, “Letter”, “At the mirror”, “Mother and child”, “Future ballerina”, “Girl with the toy”, “Twins”. There are portraits among these images including the Russian singer Alsu who attended the first personal exhibition of Firangiz khanum.The medieval Azerbaijani miniature has become one of the most interesting and vivid directions of the wide creative interests of Firangiz Huseynova. Based on the well-known illustrations for manuscripts she paints in the mixed technique.
Exhibition hours: 10.00 - 18.00