“Karma or Fate” 3rd International Kundalini Yoga workshop

23.11.2019 - 24.11.2019

Time: 10.00 am-06.00 pm
Round hall
Organizers: «Khalsa–Yoga»- Kundalini Yoga International Teacher Training School , Museum Center

Do you want to change your fate? YOU are the creator of the karmic scenario of your life, and in what colors and shades your film turns out - this is how your life is. Karmic events were closed and the yogis kept them as the deepest secrets in their clans. Thanks to Yoga Bhajan, who in America in 1967, discovered the secrets of this science of Kundalini Yoga and passed all his experience to people who lost their health, relationships, material wealth. There are universal laws governing life, they have been investigated and disclosed to the east in the smallest details. Why were we born in this body, to these parents? and how gender affects our lives. Why are relationships, health and benefits such as they are? Our Workshop is dedicated to the study of fundamental issues. Where you get the answers. And at the seminar we will use Kundalini Yoga technology tools in order to change Fate.