“Favole” Solo exhibition by Afsana Habib

Art gallery
04.03.2022 - 10.03.2022

Museum Center's Art Gallery present the solo exhibition full of magic.

The title of Afsana Habib's personal exhibition “Favole” is translated from Italian as fairy tales, legends. This title has a meaning common with the name of the artist, which is translated from the Azeri language as “legend”.

The artist Afsana Habib has prepared for connoisseurs of art the beautiful exposition of more than 62 paintings, united by the idea of mystery, a number of meanings... and games. It is no accident that most of them dedicated to the unique phenomenon of world culture like Venice Carnival.

This mystery of carnival masks is solved very simply: generalized images are fictitious, that is, they are entirely invented by the artist, whereas more specific images are real portraits of various people.

On the exhibition you can see the Venetian masks in actual size – they are about twenty and they compose a main part of the exhibition. Brightly colored, complex shape and relief, these specific details of the carnival as though descended from the paintings of the artist. Each mask is made by Afsana Habib manually, as they say, from beginning to the end. And each of them is unique, inimitable one.

Afsana Habib lives and works in Baku. From her childhood, Afsana Habib grew up in an atmosphere of beauty: her father was an architect and as a child she with a constant interest considered his drawings. But after growing up, she decided to choose a different path in life, and got a higher education in the Azerbaijan Economic University. However, after graduation true vocation still prevailed in her heart.

– I looked at myself – and finally realized what I really is the most in my life, which profession can be called truly mine. Such way a canvas and painting appeared in my life, – recalls the artist. – About the same time, I was lucky enough to get acquainted with the largest Azerbaijani painter Sakit Mammadov, who included me in his team and generously shared his secrets. I consider him my teacher. I really like “opalizm” – a unique style of his work. Creative manner of Sakit Mammadov influenced my personal style, although I chose another, my own way in arts. But the main thing – it is an invaluable mentoring support, for which I am very grateful to him. He gave a professional basis for my creative aspirations.

After her first exhibition in the Louvre Museum of Paris, in the creative biography of Afsana Habib there had been a lot of group art exhibitions – in London, Moscow, Brussels, Tbilisi and several other major cities over the world. She has also participated international competitions and is a winner of many contests. And now, in the early spring days of 2020 Afsana Habib performs for the audience her second personal exhibition – an extensive collection of works united by a common theme of beauty and love for the classics.

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