Presentation of the book “Anthology of the Azerbaijan painting”, sacred to the 85th anniversary of Haydar Aliyev


On April 29, 2008 in Museum Center of Ministry of Culture and Tourism, presentation of a book “Anthology of Azerbaijan Painting” took place, dedicated to the 85th anniversary of Haydar Aliyev. The Honored Worker of arts of Azerbaijan Chingiz Farzaliev made the book. Only selected works of the Azerbaijan artists were included in it. The Minister of Culture and Tourism Abulfas Karaev spoke about the attention and love of Haydar Aliyev for art, in particular painting, and he mentioned successful continuation of this business by President Ilham Aliyev. Deputy of Millie Majlis Raphael Guseynov told about the public value of this book, published by the Foundation of Friends of Culture of Azerbaijan. In the event was especially marked the achievements of President of foundation Haydar Aliyev Mehriban khanum Aliyeva.