Concert performed by Patrick Kalafatto.


Round hall

On 16 April 2009 in the Round Hall “Rotonda” of Museum Centre was the concert performed by Patrick Kalafatto, organized by Embassy of France in Azerbaijan Republic.
Patrick Kalafatto was born on 6 April 1974 in the town Tarb of France. At the age of 3 he began to learn play in the piano. Then a violin attracted him and during 10 years, he studies to play violin. Further more, in 1991 due to his teacher Stephen Kamasa deeply and flamingly sounding alto attracted him strongly. In 1997 studying in a class of Tasso Adamopulos he gets the first Reward and a year later, he gets invitation to work in a State Bordo Akviten Orchestra. At the same time, he comes forward with other groups, especially with a string quartet in an area of music of chamber. In this sphere, he had very good teachers and he performed quartets as AMADEUS, BERG, IZAI and other famous quartets. Along his instrumental musical career in Bordo Conservatory, he gets the lessons of vocal in the class of Jack Shvarts, Lionel SARRAZEN and Mariz KASTELA. At present time he is performing with vocal concerts in many cities of France and abroad. His last concert was in Bordo city in the Grand-Theatre.