International painting contest: “The world of east and west in children’s opinion”

01.06.2009 - 02.06.2009

International drawing exhibition: “The world of East and West in children’s opinion” was held in Baku by the ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan Republic in 2009 June,1-2 The aims of this exhibition were the development of child’s activity, exposure of young talents, strengthening of international cultural relations, acquaintance with the culture of different people with the purpose of creation of amities between children.

The opening of International painting contest exhibition was on June 1, 2009 in the International Day of Defence of Children in the Art Gallery of the Museum Centre.In order to participate in a competition from Azerbaijan, Belorussia, Bulgaria, China, Philippines, Georgia, Gonk-Gonk, Israel, Qatar, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Egypt, Russia, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, Pakistan, Poland and from other countries were included more than 2000 pictures of children of age 5-15 years.According to regulations the 300 best works were selected and exhibited.The chairman of the board of judjes was the director of department and Honoured Art Worker Enver Garayev.In the staff of judjes were included secretary of Azerbaijan Union of artists, People’s Artist of Republic Agali Ibrahimov,professor of Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Art, Honoured Art Worker of Republic Arif Aziz,also director of department of scientific research of the Uzbekistan Painting University according study of art, doctor of study of art Nigora Akhmedova and editor-in-chief of the journal “Kukolni master”, member of the Union of Russian journalists and member of the Union of Russian designers Olga Lakhina.
1. According to the decision of staff of judjes names of participants of the contest showing below were awarded diploms,medals and presents in accordance with age group.
In accordance with 5-8 age group.
I class-diploma, medal and present.
1)Yedikat Erkai - Republic of Turkey.

II class-diploma, medal and present.
2) Hesenov Seymur - Azerbaijan Republic
3) Farah Essam Badavi - Egypt Arabic Republic

III class-diploma,medal and present.
4) Grinevich Diana - Republic of Byelorussia
5) Neimane İnqa - Republic of Latvia
6) Seyidkhalilov Akhmed - Mustafa -Ukraine

In accordance with 9-12 age group

I class-diploma, medal and present.

1)Guliyeva Fidan - Azerbaijan Republic

II class-diploma, medal and present.

1) Alfahd Ravda Abdel Rahmen - Gatar
2) Rudenko Valeriya - Russian Federation

III class - diploma, medal and present
5) Kirill Georgiyev Kirilov - Republic of Bulgaria
6) Vu Fei - Chinese folk Republic
7) Qurbanov Chingiz - Republic of Georgia

In accordance with 13-15 age group

I class-diploma, medal and present.

1) Teodora Ivalinova Tincheva - Republic of Bulgaria

II class-diploma, medal and present.

1) Marqalit Lenk - Israel
2) Jirarat Sukraseranee- Thailand

III class-diploma,medal and present

5) Nagiyeva Ulduz - Azerbaijan Republic
6) Naveed - Pakistan
7) Yumaguzina Dilara - Russian Federation

2. The following participants were awarded honorary decree:
1) Akhundov Tahir -Azerbaijan Republic
2) Jafarli Firuza - Azerbaijan Republic
3) Manafli Asiyat - Azerbaijan Republic
4) Mammedli Areste - Azerbaijan Republic
5) Zomarev Aleksey -Republic of Byelorussia
6) Kovalchuk Eugenie - Republic of Byelorussia
7) Jeludeva Liza - Republic of Byelorussia
8) Chin Hiu Lam - Chinese folk Republic
9) Abdulla Mariam Mohamed - Gatar
10) Rupman Anna- Republic of Latvia
11) Omar Mohamed Gomaa - Egypt Arabic Republic
12) Rehab Mahmud Mekavi - Egypt Arabic Republic
13) Jana Badavi- Egypt Arabic Republic
14) Novak Ania - Republic of Poland
15) Bartek Eitminovich - Republic of Poland
16) Adamchik Natalii - Republic of Poland
17) Volska Nikola - Republic of Poland
18) Korepanova Aleksandra - Russian Federation
19) Suleymanova Irina - Russian Federation
20) Repina Liza- Russian Federation
21) Yeliseyeva Darya - Russian Federation
22) Babanova Olqa - Russian Federation
23) Makarov Artyom - Russian Federation
24) Demir Sila - Turkish Republic
25) Sinem Kargin - Turkish Republic
26) Mahmud Demir - Turkish Republic
27) Feyzanur Chakmak - Turkish Republic
28) Ezgi Ozdzhan - Turkish Republic
29) Ayshenaz Ozdemir - Turkish Republic
30) Par Ipek - Turkish Republic