Gender Roles in national traditions of Azerbaijan


Art Gallery
Organizers: Woman association for rational development

Positions of women in administration and decision-making processes in today’s Azerbaijan are weak, and there is obvious gender imbalance in a number of spheres. But what is standing at the root of today’s weaknesses? Is this related to the past of our country or today’s transformations? Is this gender-based injustice based on our national values? To answer these questions and come to important conclusions regarding gender roles in traditions and customs of Azerbaijan was among the goals of the 10 month’s project, implemented by Women’s Association for Rational Development with the financial support of Swiss Cooperation Office in Azerbaijan. The project “Gender Roles in Traditions and Customs of Azerbaijan” covered two themes simultaneously – gender and culture. Implemented during the period of 01 March – 31 December 2009, the project resulted in two important outputs – the book and the exhibition. The project author and director was the chairwoman of Women’s Association for Rational Development – Ms.Shahla Ismayilova.
The final product of the project – the book “Gender Roles in Traditions and Customs of Azerbaijan” reveals a number of interesting peculiarities related to our nation’s ethnic and spiritual identity, specific features, the system of social relations and the family values. The book aims at strengthening women’s rights and gender equality in Azerbaijan, emphasizing the irreplaceble role of Azerbaijani women in the family and society as well as eliminating the gender-based stereotypes.
Prepared in two langauges (Azerbaijani and English) the book is supposed for the benefit of broad audience; it is an excellent advocacy and educational tool. Academic institutions, mass media outlets, research agences, state bodies, non-governmental organizations, international organizations, other words – anyone, working in the area of gender and culture can benefit from this book and use it in accordance with the work principles.

The distribution of the book to national libraries, archives, resource centers, museums and professional unions extends the scope of the users’ audience significantly.

The book preparation team includes the writer Ms.Mehriban Vezir (author), expert in folklore Ms.Afaq Khurremgizi (editor), philologist Ms.Tarana Mahmudova (proofreader), Fuad Akhundov (translator) as well as bibliographers of Azerbaijan National Library after M.F.Akhundov Ms.Azada Novruzova and Ms.Yasaman Sadigova.

The exhibition was devoted to the public demontsration of the pictures, drawn as illustrations for the book “Gender Roles in Traditions and Customs of Azerbaijan”. The talented young artist Ms. Narmina Veliyeva attracted to the project, created the pictures on the basis of thematic texts of the book. She managed to keep the Azerbaijan folklore and ethnic flavour in her illustrations. The exhibition took place on 11 January 2010 in the exhibition gallery of the Museum Center (Neftchiler Ave. 123 A) with the parallel presentation of the mentioned book.

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