Film Evening Dedicated to the Centenary of People’s Artist of Azerbaijan and the USSR, Alesker Alekperov


Assembly Hall
Time: 16:00
Organizer: State film fund

A film evening was held on 2 April 2010, in the Assembly Hall of the Museum Center, on the occasion of the centenary of People’s Artist of Azerbaijan and the USSR, Alesker Alekperov, who was one of the most outstanding figures of our national theatre and cinema of the 20th century.
Alesker Hajiaga oglu was born in Baku into a poor merchant’s family and received his first education at the Baku Realniy School. He had his first experience of acting at the Abilov Club and from 1927-30 he studied in the Acting Faculty of the Baku Theatre Technicum. As a student, entering the stage of the Baku Turkish Workers’ Theatre, the young Alesker rose from an ordinary amateur actor to the highest level of professional actor by his talent and labour.
From 1930-33, Alekperov worked at the Tiflis Azerbaijan Theatre and the Ganja Drama Theatre, and from 1933 to the end of his life, he worked at the Azerbaijan State Academic Drama Theatre. His greatest artistic triumphs at the National Drama Theatre were the roles of Othello and Vagif. He played Vagif more than 500 times.
The actor developed into a master of the art, constructed different characters one by one, on stage and screen, which had great depth.
The multi-faceted talent of Alesker Alekperov was particularly noted for his roles on screen. When he first played the role of Hasan in “House Over the Volcano” he was 17. Following that, Alekperov played in the films “Latif” (kolkhoz chief Gurban), “Sixth Sense” (Engineer), “Almaz” (Fuad), “New Horizon” (Aslanov), “Black Rocks” (Ismailzade), “Creeping Shadows” (Sardarli), “The Stepmother” (Uncle Hussein) and “Leyli and Majnun” (Sheikh Amir).
The outstanding actor’s characters in films such as “Peasants” (Ashiq Goydamir), “Fatali Khan” (Fatali Khan), “On Distant Shores” (Ferrero), “Morning” (Rahim bey) and “Great Support” (Rustam) have a special place in the history of Azerbaijani cinema.
The brightly talented Alesker Alekperov left us more than 50 years ago, although people of judgement even today love his talented son, remember him with affection and appreciate his work.