Honorary awards ceremony for people of art and culture


Round hall
Time: 12:00
Organizer: Department of Arts of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism

On 7 April 2010 in the Round Hall of the Museum Centre, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism held a ceremony to present honorary titles awarded by decrees signed by the head of state from 2009-2010. The Minister of Culture and Tourism, Abulfaz Garayev, noted that the people of art and culture nominated for these titles promote Azerbaijan by performing in different countries: “These people are the shining lights of Azerbaijan. They prove once again by their work and talent that they are irreplaceable representatives of the constantly developing culture of Azerbaijan. Everyone should be proud that they live at the same time as such people”.
The titles were presented after the speech. Fidan Gasimova, Zalimkhan Yagub, and Janeli Akbarov were presented with the “Sheref” award, Khumar Zulfugarova, Aghakhan Abdullayev, Haji Murad Yegizarov with “Shohret” awards, Aqalliyay Pelumb and Alla Isakadze were made Honoured Teachers, Nazifa Aliyeva and Zuleykha Najafzadeh received “Tereqqi” medals and Naida Ismailzadeh with the medal for “Outstanding State Service”.