Exhibition of children’s paintings and concert dedicated to Republic Day, International Children’s Day and the memory of Honoured Art Worker Sara Manafova


Assembly hall
Art Gallery
Time: 14:00
Organizer: Gymnasium, named after N. Tusi

The Museum Centre of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism has held many different events for children in 2010, united under one title “Museum to the children”. These have included thematic lectures, exhibitions of children’s paintings, plays, holiday celebrations etc.
The priority for the Museum Centre’s work is the organization of children’s visual arts exhibitions. Each year the Museum Centre, together with the N. Tusi Arts Gymnasium, organizes joint exhibitions on International Children’s day dedicated to Honoured Art Worker Sara Manafova. Each year these exhibitions are a real celebration for children. All the students’ works are assessed by a special commission and the winners are awarded diplomas.
On 4 June 2010, besides the exhibition of children’s paintings, a concert was given by students of the N. Tusi Gymnasium. Songs by the famous composer Tofig Guliyev, as well as songs in Russian and English, were performed at the concert. The students also performed several dances.