Performance of "Persian motifs" in the framework of “Theatre in the museum”, dedicated to the 115th anniversary of S. Yesenin by the "Gunay" Children’s Theatre


Assembly hall
Time: 17:00
Organizer: Children's Theatre "Gunay" jointly with Museum Center

On 8 October 2010 at 17.00, a performance of ‘Persian Motifs’ was given by the ‘Gunay’ Children’s Theatre in the Assembly Hall of the Museum Centre. The performance was dedicated to the 115th anniversary of the Russian poet, Sergey Alexandrovich Esenin (1895 – 1925).In 2010, the Museum Centre held many different activities for children, under the theme Museum to Children. These included: themed lectures, exhibitions of children’s drawings, festive performances etc.
Among these events was a cycle of performances Theatre in the Museum. The young actors of the ‘Gunay’ Children’s Theatre performed a series of plays as part of this cycle. The project’s conception combines a harmonious interaction between theatre and fine art. The scenery for the playing of the young actors was not traditional. It consisted of paintings by Azerbaijani , Russian and other artists of different generations, specially selected for each performance.The director of the ‘Gunay’ Children’s Theatre since 2003 has been Larisa Tarusova. The theatre has several interesting performances in its repertoire. Some have already been performed in the Museum Centre and the others will be presented.
The ‘Gunay’ Children’s Theatre is a frequent participant in European theatre festivals and competitions. In the summer of 2010 it was awarded a diploma at the 24th International Festival of Children and Youth Theatre in Toulouse (France) and was received by UNESCO’s ambassador from Azerbaijan, Eleonora Efendiyeva, in Paris.
A performance of ‘Persian Motifs’ was staged in 2009; it consisted of two parts – Esenin in Russia and Esenin in Azerbaijan (in Mardakan). The music of Russian composers was used in the performance; romances with lyrics by the poet were sung by the theatre’s actors, as well as charming melodies by Gara Garayev and Fikret Amirov. Scenery for the performance consisted of specially chosen paintings by Russian artists: V. V. Vereshagin, A.V. Kuprin, I.I. Mashkov, A.I. Kuindzh, B.V. Sherbakov and I.I. Levitan. The performance drew a letter of gratitude from the Representation of the Federal Agency for CIS Affairs – Russian Information and Cultural Centre in Baku.
Perhaps no other literary work describes the mystery and romance of the East in the way that Esenin’s does. A reading of ‘Persian Motifs’ is confirmation enough. The ‘Persian Motifs’ cycle is an unsurpassed example of Esenin’s love lyrics. The sincere feelings of the poet’s resurgent feelings were heard. The poems are melodious in structure. The East itself breathes and speaks in the language of Esenin.