A film-evening devoted to the 90th anniversary of Honoured Art Worker and film director Latif Safarov


Assembly hall
Time: 17:00
Organizer: State film fund

An anniversary evening devoted to the film director Latif Safarov was held on 6 October 2010 in the Assembly Hall of the Museum Centre.
Latif Safarov was born on 30 September 1920 in the city of Shusha. He made his debut at the age of 8 in Leo Moore's film ‘Gilyan's Daughter’, in the role of Gulgul. Then he played in such films as ‘Sevil’, ‘Latif’, ‘The Road to the East’ and ‘The Golden Bush’. The little actor justified the faith in him and he became a favourite not only of the film collective, but also with the audience. Time went by and Latif began to dream of getting a higher education. In 1937 the dubbing department began work in the studio. Here Safarov dubbed the famous films ‘Chapayev’, ‘We are from Kronstadt’, ‘Lenin in October’ and ‘Lenin in 1918’.
In 1950 he graduated from ASIC (the S. A. Gerasimov All-Russia State Institute of Cinematography). After returning to Baku with new ideas he worked very hard. His contribution to cinematography was felt, as the shortage of new films was very obvious during this period. A number of his films soon appeared: ‘To the Native People’, ‘Bakhtiyar’ and ‘The Meeting’. The film ‘Bakhtiyar’ was the first independent film. These films brought the director popularity and the respect of professionals. Based on the story ‘The Country Doctor’, he made a feature film, ‘Under the Hot Sky’ which received national recognition. In 1958 Latif Safarov created a documentary film-sketch, ‘Baku and Bakuvians’ – a film-story about the ancient city of Baku. Latif Safarov made a film about two young people in love, ‘Leyli and Majnun’, based on the work by Nizami Ganjavi which is part of Azerbaijan’s cultural heritage.
Latif Safarov's life was cut off very early by his suicide; the cause still remains a closed book.The evening devoted to the 90th anniversary of Latif Savarov was a tribute to the bright memory of this talented master of the screen.