The exhibition of modern art “Winter time…”

24.12.2011 - 11.01.2012

Art Gallery
Time: 18:00
Organizer: Museum Center

The Museum Centre introduced to the public its exhibition “Winter Time”, the latest in its lengthy series of seasonal exhibitions. The exhibition displayed works by 38 artists: Beyim Hajizade, Margarita Kerimova-Sokolova, Irina Eldarova, Enver Askerov, Mais Aliyev, Amrulla Israfilov, Teymur and Mahmud Rustamov, Emin Askerov, Anar Huseynzade, Mamed Rashidov, Vugar Ali, Gunduz Agayev and many others.
The traditional theme of the ‘white season’ was introduced by the organisers with a philosophical note. Liana Vezirova, director of the Museum Centre and curator of the exhibition, had this to say about the exhibition’s conception:- Winter time is a time when you can pause, escape the everyday bustle and devote yourself to thought.... The New Year holiday is not only a time for joy, this temporal border is a reason to reconsider values and make new plans. This is especially a time for us to divert from the daily round, foster dreams and wait for them to come true. This feeling can be seen in participants’ approaches to the exhibition theme. The seasonal project, as we know, is of broad scope, it is highly democratic and it draws a whole spectrum of thoughts, feelings and dreams from the artists. Every creative person responds to changing nature with his own vision. Over the last few years we have noticed the increasing popularity with artists of summer and winter among the four annual seasonal exhibitions. It is not difficult to understand why this is so. There are plenty of projects to fill the interseasonal periods and not all artists have the time to participate in our exhibitions. Many of them depart on creative expeditions. Public life slows down at this time and the theme of this beautiful, long, bright holiday period attracts entries to our summer exhibition. The winter exhibition is a particular moment. The New Year holiday itself forms the contemplative centre of most of the works displayed. This holiday is also a bright and beautiful one, but it is quickly over and this especially persuades us to contemplate the great themes, to philosophise, dream and.... change! Fascination with the idea of transience and anticipation of change attracts most of the artists to our winter exhibition.
In the light of this conception, it is clear why Teymur Rustamov’s now familiar installation, ‘New Year Tree of Dreams’, adapted to the New Year holiday, became the contemplative heart of this exhibition. The tree is decorated now with hand-made festive toys, but the central point remains unchanged: previously you could approach, write your wish on a piece of paper and attach it to this miraculous, handmade tree.
Another important focus of the exhibition was the figure of a gothic lizard hovering under the ceiling of one of the rooms in the Museum Centre’s gallery. Mamed Rashidov’s composition was a dedication to the dragon – that animal of Chinese astrology, whose year we are now entering.

38 artists participated in the exhibition “Winter Time....”
1. Beyim Hajizade
2. Margarita Kerimova-Sokolova
3. Irina Eldarova
4. Enver Askerov
5. Mais Aliyev
6. Amrulla Israfilov
7. Sanan Samedov
8. Eldar Gurbanov
9. Teymur Rustamov
10. Mahmud Rustamov
11. Emin Askerov
12. Anar Huseynzade
13. Arzu Rzayev
14. Mamed Rashidov
15. Adil Yusif
16. Zarnishan Yusif
17. Elshan Sarkhanoglu
18. Nazim Shah
19. Farhad Yalquzaq
20. Leyla Nasibova
21. Vugar Ali
22. Mehriban Efendi
23. Samira Javadova
24. Etibar Mamiyev
25. Abbas Ahmedov
26. Elchin Bunyatov
27. Sahib Guliyev
28. Elmir Huseynov
29. Gunduz Agayev
30. Vugar Guliyev
31. Elvin Nabizade
32. Gunduz Khunlar
33. Elnur Hasanov
34. Narmin Abdullayeva
35. Leyla Javadova
36. Taleh Mirkazimov
37. Nigar Babayeva
38. Sofiya Mir-Babayeva