Personal exhibition Semeni Gasimzadeh

07.06.2013 - 11.06.2013

Art Gallery
Grand opening: June 07, 2013, 6 PM
Organizer: The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Azerbaijan Republic

A solo exhibition by Samani Qasimzade will be displayed in the Art Gallery of the Museum Centre from 7-11 June 2013.
It is difficult to imagine the history of our people without carpets and kilims. But lately, alongside those works of art, modern style tapestries have also become popular. A number of artists work in this beautiful and unique art form. Samani Qasimzade is one of them.
This woman artist has been in the trade for over 25 years, participating in a number of exhibitions of applied arts and is noted for her own style. And now she will display new works in her individual manner.
There are different themes in this exhibition. In parallel with the display of tapestries there will be showings of ‘The Art of Tapestry’, a documentary film by Jarchi film about several artists working in the genre in Azerbaijan. The valuable ideas of tapestry artist Samani Qasimzade are aired fully in this film for the benefit of visitors to the exhibition.
1969 – Born
1988-1993 – Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Art
1994-1996 – Scholar at the S. Alakbarova House of Culture
2004 – Founder and director of “N Design Group”
2006 – Member of the Azerbaijani Artists’ Union
2007 – Member of the Azerbaijani Designers’ Union
2012 – Senior scholar at the Azerbaijani State Art Gallery