Solo exhibition by the young artist Tamilla Gasanova “A moment of beauty”

16.12.2016 - 20.12.2016

Grand opening: December 16, 7:00 PM, Round Hall
On December 16, entrance is by invitation
Working hours of the exhibition: December 17 –20, from 10.00 to 18.00
Art Gallery
Organizers: The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Museum Center

From 16 to 20 December 2016, at the Art Gallery of the Museum Center will take place a personal exhibition “A moment of Beauty” of young artist Tamilla Gasanova.

When there is a discussion on contemporary art, the ordinary viewer implies this phenomenon – as if it was newly established... It is both true, and false. In a broad sense, contemporary art - that was born at the present moment. In a narrow but important for us sense – is its trends and phenomena that are in the border space between art and life, art and science, art and technology. Here nothing is settled, and anything cannot be taken as an ultimate truth at the last instance, this is the field of experiments. An important quality- is controversial nature: it is a hypothesis, not an axiom. However, everything emanates as always from an artistic pulse.
Is it true to argue that the works of Tamilla Gasanova involve certain ideas and sentiments that exist in contemporary art today? Definitely, yes. It is the cohesion between emotions, the beauty of life and art. She discloses peaceful, contemplated beauty filled with harmony of colors and bright elements. Artist’s style is rather different from realism to abstractionism, from classical to impressionist manner that is understandable, because the world is so diverse, and portraying all its aspects in one vein is simply impossible. Tamilla’s works executed in various genres - landscapes and portraits, are replaced by national still lives and expressive abstractions. Frequently, portraits carry memories in the form of visions, just in a moment to see them, capture in their minds and turn them into art. While working on a portrait, the artist has no any intention to transfer “variability of the soul,” to the canvas, she draws human emphasizing most colorful, vivid and characteristic features trying to convey the image and the mood we broadcast to society in a daily life.
In contrast, landscapes demonstrate the reflection of cosmic nature. The collection of expressive real landscape with reflections contemplates the thoughts of human and make up the semantic content of such works as “In search of the treasures of eternity”, “Harmony of Nature”, etc. Works of Tamilla fascinated, immersed in atmosphere of the moment, and at the same time, tranquility and harmony.
The versatility of the artist manifests itself in everything from a variety of genres in her paintings to several different-profile higher education. Tamilla graduated from the Institute of Art business and Antiques, the Faculty of “art history and the fundamentals of attribution antiques” in Moscow, studied at MSAAI named after V.I. Surikov, and also graduated from the Russian University of Economics named after G.V Plekhanov and has a degree in evaluation faceted diamond expert.
The artist gets inspiration from some magical and invisible inner sight, aspects of life, from the fleeting minute details or detachment interlocutor view, which can be born from inspiring landscape and fascinating portrait. Creating her works, Tamilla Gasanova hopes to bring to people’s lives the beauty, joy and harmony, because contemporary art contributes to the development of such qualities as tolerance, tolerance of dissent. It is the slogan all the time: Different people have different opinions.