Solo exhibition by the young artist Milena Nabieva “Patterns of the universe Minabi”

08.02.2017 - 11.02.2017

Grand opening: Fevral 08, 7:00 PM, Round Hall
On February 08, entrance is by invitation
Working hours of the exhibition: February 09 – 11, from 10.00 to 18.00
Art Gallery
Organizers: Museum Center

The first one-man exhibition “ Minabi - Patterns of the Universe” which will feature the works of young artist Milena Nabiyeva will take place at the Art gallery of the Museum center of the Ministry of culture and tourism of the republic of Azerbaijan on February 8-11.
“Minabi - Patterns of the Universe “ is a bright palette representing a personal feeling of the surrounding by author. And it is expressed not only in paintings, but also in furniture, painting on dishes, textiles and accessories made.
And just this diversity created the very Universe of the artist which she decided to share. The distinctive works of Milena Nabiyeva makes an unusual approach to creating art paintings. In addition to traditional acrylic and oil paints, she uses Swarovski stones. As the artist herself says, she wants to give even more brightness to colours not only in colour, but also to add sparkle crystal placer of glares. The combination of colours in the works of the artist is a celebration of love and life, a vivid manifestation of the solar paints that characterized the nature of the author.
Milena Nabiyeva’s path to the art began with an interest in patterns characteristic of Turkic motives. Just patterns are the basis of Milena’s creativity. She admits: ‘They are interesting to me in any manifestation. My long-standing passion for history flowed into the study of patterned designs. Especially those ‘covered with historic dust.’ They have so much mysticism, mystery, hidden meaning.’ And she claims that the patterns are all around us. We should only want to see them: in a pool, in the shade of leaves, in the reflection on glass...
Trying to reproduce a lacy outline of the image the artist often uses contour technique which is a complex one and requires the attention and patience. For Milena, work in this technique is similar to immersion in a world where the edges of reality blurred giving way to an atmosphere of spiritual flight. Often, the artist draws inspiration in others. In those communication with which enriches herself. After all, the aura of such people according to Milena is patterns that depend only on what a person is inherently. As the artist says: ‘I believe that every meeting with an interesting person is not a simple case. I am absolutely sure that those who come on our way are sent by God with a specific mission. And do not refer to these meetings as something having no meaning and take them seriously. These are the same patterns that are written into the fabric of our lives.’
In the days of February, “ Minabi - Patterns of the Universe “ will give the visitors who crossed the threshold of welcoming Art Gallery the space filled with intense flashes of colours emanating from each of the works presented. The artist herself is inherent in organic life-affirming colours. After all, she admits she does not like dark colours. And even in a monochrome palette she chooses the brightest one. That’s why women’s images of the artist brush ‘shrouded’ in multicolor. However, this is the range that is inherent in Turkish and African palettes from which the artist departed from in paint combinations.
The exhibition is structured to meet the visitors by the comfort and warmth of home manifested in the selection of art works. The idea of “ Minabi - Patterns of the Universe “ according to Milena Nabiyeva: “ These are point emphases of my work. Author’s furniture is my vision of domestic space in terms of perception through colour and form as part of creating a home personality. Paintings and applied works are an extension of the feeling of the surrounding space as puzzles that add a variety of feelings and perceptions to the daily life.”