Time of Angels Exhibition of Author Dolls and Art Works

22.12.2013 - 14.01.2014

Venue: Doll Art Gallery
The official opening of the exhibition was held on 20 December 2013, at 18:30
Organizers: Museum Centre of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Doll Art Gallery

The Doll Art Gallery launched a new project dedicated to angels on the eve of the New Year.
For people all over the world, the angel is an element of their spiritual world. It is hard to imagine humanity’s cultural heritage without mention of these marvellous creatures that bring light and kindness to our complex world. Literature, music, painting and sculpture – are just a few of the art forms in which artists create works about angels. Doll makers occupy a special position among them. These craft masters materialize perfectly that which we cannot see visually. They show not only the appearance of an angel, but also the lives of the angels among us. In fact, these are the only incorporeal creatures that people believe to exist against all logic and pragmatism. These are creatures that have been embedded into people’s genetic memory and consciousness. This project also shows the other plane of existence of these ‘messengers’, the literal meaning of the word ‘angels’. This is based on the doctrine of the famous writer Terry Pratchett – The materialization of any repeated set of events is achieved through angels. As soon as you say out loud “Angel of air balloons”, they immediately appear and begin to fulfil their function. This Christmas and New Year exhibition suggests playing this entertaining game and facilitating the appearance of new angels, whenever you wish. This will be the time of angels. It will remind people of miracles, magic, love and kindness, the kindness that we sometimes lack in our everyday lives.
Participants in this project include not only well-known doll makers like Parviz Huseynov, Irina Gundorina and Tamilla Gurbanova, but also novices testing themselves in this marvellous art form. Farah Aliyeva, who works in a grotesque contemporary style, Sanubar Mammadova with her charming jirtdans (Tom Thumbs), Alla Lincharovskaya, Leyla Gasimova, who uses dough in creating her panel pictures. The foreign doll makers Laura Scattolini, Elisa Gallea, Irina Deyneko, Katrin Benoit, Anastasia Yanovskaya, Roman Shustrov, Elena Mikhaylova and others are well represented in the exhibition. As well as dolls, there are also paintings by Honoured Art Worker Sara Manafova, Vugar Ali, Nigar Babayeva, Mehriban Efendi and Saida Mammadzade.